Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday update...

Finally, I catch my blog up to the current. I am very excited to finally get everything in order and start to actually do some blogging again. I hope you guys had a awesome Christmas and New year. Above is our Christmas card from this year...

I have to say this week has been very hectic. On Monday Emma had a doctor's appointment for her well baby check up. She had some congestion and runny nose. We really didn't see it as anything to worry we thought. On Christmas Eve. she had a bad eye infection and we were able to get them to call her in some antibacterial drops. Well, we get to the office and as soon as they hear her chest they want to know how long she has been congested. They then swab her nose and it comes back positive for RSV. They also seen Lilly at the same time and she had a sinus infection. So I bring Emma home and the day was starting off awful. Between Em being fussy/sick, Lilly being sick/fussy, waiting on medications to be filled, and so forth...I start to leave to go to my Dad's dialysis clinic. What did I do? I locked myself completely out of the house! That morning I had to keep the Trailblazer and let Barry take the van to work since we didn't have time to swap out the carrier base. I naturally grabbed the van keys as I was heading out the door. Only these were spares and had NO house key on them. Praise the Lord he gave me the notion to set my phone in Em's carrier. So I placed her in the sun, wrapped a blanket around the carrier, and told Lilly to play on the swing set. I then called Barry at work and he was able to come to my rescue:) Praise the Lord for good and understanding husbands. Since I have gotten sick he has been through a lot with me and never complains. Instead he looks for ways to try to help make my life a little easier and actually gives me pep talks. I love him for all he does.

That night Em did run fevers and started breaking out in these weird rashes all over her body. I took pictures with my phone and called the pediatric nurse. They told me to give her Tylenol and made a appointment for her to come back in. Once we came back in it was found the rashes are very common in viral infections like RSV and it's your bodies reaction to the infection. The reason why she had been so inconsolable was...she had a bilateral ear infection (Infection in both ears.) They checked her oxygen level and it looked great. We learned from the doctor that the first couple of days with RSV are the most important. It is usually a indicator of how bad the infection will get. It was also very hard to keep Lilly away from her sister...especially her being sick..she was more concerned over her. In the end Em is doing absolutely wonderful!!! She is not rattling when she is breathing now, sleeping well, a little less cranky, and her eating is coming back slowly. Doots is awesome! She cleared up in a matter of days. At one point she was the only well person in the household and was mad at us Barry and I are sick as we speak. I have a sinus infection, feel like someone has kicked me in the face, nose bleeds all the time, stopped up/then pouring, and all that great sinus pressure on your nose/behind your ears. It hurts to even blink and Barry has a regular cold going. He is coughing, aches, and the whole nine yards. He has also been running fevers. I called my internist and he called me in some antibiotics and for Barry...Well, he is as stubborn as the day is long. For someone who is in the medical field..he does everything possible to avoid But, he will make me go..even if he has to drag me:) Please, say a prayer for all of us. It seems like we are constantly passing something around for months now. We realize that Barry may bring it home from work and that it kind of unavoidable.

Well, I know some of us are busy making New Year resolutions. For me I came up with a list I think is very workable this year. I know sometimes I make one and at the end of the year I realize it wasn't very realistic and then I feel like I didn't really accomplish anything that year. So here is one of my resolutions that is top on my list:

  • I decided I want to be more organized. I realize that I do have memory issues and by decluttering things are easier to find and remember where I placed them. I decided I would re-read "Living more with less" to get my motivation going. I also go to flylady online and joined the group on Facebook. So I have been giving away/donating/throwing away items. So far I have the linen closet, Lilly's room, Emma's room, and main bathroom organized/decluttered.

Other than that Em spent her first night in the big crib last night and in her own room. I really think she handle it MUCH better than I She didn't cry once during the night and woke up this morning in a wonderful mood. Her transition to the crib was no issue what so ever. With Lilly she didn't handle it too well and it took us over a week for her to finally feel comfortable with sleeping in a different room and in a crib. It's amazing at how different their little personalities are.

I will be off and on today. I am trying to get caught up on freebies and will have a blog posted by the end of today with some.

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Great link to freebies!! Your daughters picture is beautiful BTW.