Friday, January 1, 2010

Family slumber party night.....

I can see the sibling rivalry in this one. Look at that look Doots is giving her Daddy.

This what Emma originally thought of this whole "family" slumber party

If you are looking for something fun and budget friendly to do...Why not try a family slumber party night? You can eat homemade treats, rent some movies(watch some you already have or maybe a special one on TV), sleep on the floor, play games, tell knock knock jokes, have pizza, tell stories(our favorite is to start telling a story and then let Lilly fill in the blanks), dress up..then take pictures, and so much more. On this particular slumber party night we decided to make smores in the fireplace, eat pizza, and watch Christmas movies. It's really cheap and the kiddos will love it. Well, maybe not all

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