Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Eve. at Papa and Meemaw's.....

This year the topic of Santa came up. Up until this point we have not "done" Santa and the topic has never really come up with Lilly. So with this year her being in school...I decided it would be best to talk to her about it. When I asked her had she ever heard of Santa she told me yes and that he looked like a When I asked was he real or pretend she said that he was pretend. I explained to her the original history of St. Nick and the story of the Santa that now everyone talks about at Christmas time. We also talked about how it was not our place to tell others that their feelings are wrong and it's okay for her to feel he is not real. Lilly already looked at him like a character in a story book. She did say that if he did exist she thought he would live in China. When I asked why China? She says "Mama all gifts come from China." I asked her how did she come to that...she says " Because, _____ at school came from China and she is a gift to her parents." She has a friend from school that is adopted and I assume they must have had a talk with the class. Out of everything she was most interested in this reindeer business. I explained that they don't really fly..but, she was convinced that a reindeer just might visit our yard on Christmas Eve. She had her Daddy go to Walmart and get her some birdseed. Lilly believes that reindeer eat birdseed:) So here she is spreading the seed in our yard.

Barry's Dad and Lilly.

Barry's Mom and Grandmother. This was a pretty tough time for them this year since Barry's Grandfather passed away earlier this year. It is their first Christmas without him.

Em was amazed by these rattles:)

We thought this was funny. Lilly loves the leapsters. She has been without one for a while now since hers met a accident...thanks to our cat. She hugged this present and couldn't stop thanking her Grandparents.

Em's first Christmas present.

When all else fails...use your teeth.

Poor Emmers..she had a bacterial eye infections in both her little eyes:( We had to have some drops called in and they cleared up within a couple of days.

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