Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009.....

It's hard work being a baby...especially when you are just the cutest:)
I found this funny. This is my cat Roger...Long story short..I held him within hours of his birth and bottle fed him when his Mom went missing at 2 wks old. Yep he's a pretty big boy topping over 20 pds. My Dad is scared and has a dislike of all For some reason Roger just love him and constantly wants to love on him when he comes over. It makes my Dad nervous b/c he is so

Lilly was named after my first cabbage patch doll. I named her Lilly-Rose and still have the birth certificate. Back then you mailed them off and got them you do it all online and print it off. This is Lilly's first cabbage patch doll. His name is Gavin and so far she does not want to change his name:)

I am still learning all the cool functions of my new camera:)

Aww...she was a wish and prayer come true.

Opening their stockings. This year we did something different and got Lilly a Spongebob gift card to Walmart. We only put 5.00 on the card and she was so excited. She thinks it's a debit card like ours. Well, we still haven't convinced her yet that they will give her..her card back when she spends it. She wants to keep it b/c Spongebob is on it and so she refuses to take it to Then the cute little bracelet I picked out for Em..her chubby little wrists are too big for it:)

Em was more in to the bows and wrapping paper:)

Lilly's stocking.

Our advent calendar this year. What God wants for Christmas?...It was awesome guys and I highly recommend it for anyone. The girls listened to the story of the birth of our Christ and then opened each a night. It was so exciting and even Em looked interested:) Lilly would actually remind me every night we needed our story and see what gift God had for us that night. It was in terms that Lilly could easily understand and she would tell everyone that came into our home about what each figure meant.

Em's stocking.

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house.......


Unknown said...

I am so glad ya'll had a wonderful Christmas. Too funny about your dad being scared of cats although if I was gonna be scared it would be of a 20 lb one lol. LOVE the pics. My camera flash went kaput on Christmas Eve. i have a back up but it is not my baby lol..

Vikki said...

The story about your cat wanting to love on your not-so-crazy-about-cats-Dad cracked me up! I have a cat who one day plopped down on someone's lap who had never been to our house before (or since, haha) and had just announced that she doesn't like cats. :)

Not sure how I found your blog, but it looks great! And thanks for that link in your sidebar for the free copy of An Encouraging Word magazine... I ordered mine! :)

~Vikki (