Sunday, December 6, 2009

Updates on the girls....

EMMA-KAY: She had her upper GI this week and everything looked wonderful!!! There was no secondary reflux what so no hernia or twisted bowel. The doctor did contact me back and said that she still has regular reflux. So she will remain on the nexium they have her on. She suggested we give it to her twice a day instead of the once. So half in the morning and half at her night time feeding. They have also decided that she can go back to the gentle ease formula since the allimentum(sorry if misspelled) has showed no significant improvement in her throwing up. Actually, since her starting the cepro for her reflux her crying spells have gotten so so so much better!! So that will save us a lot of money per month. We were paying 200.00 just for her formula alone. I am so grateful to the Lord that nothing is wrong with her and this will be something that she will grow out of.
LILLY-ROSE: She had her VCUG and renal ultrasound this week. The ultrasound went great and her uterocele has not grown back. There was also no scarring on her kidneys. Her VCUG brought good and bad results. She still has grade 3 reflux. With Lilly hers is on her right side and with Emma hers is bilateral(meaning both sides and Emma's is also a 3.) That means there has been no change and that is good news. Bad news change. It can be bad news as well. This is the time that children normally start to grow out of it and being that Lilly had the uterocele it is preventing her from doing so. So I guess we will have to wait for the pediatric urologist appointments in January to find out what happens next with both of them. We did get them to set their appointments up on the same day at Children's.
So for a treat for both the girls...since they had one awful week....we decided they deserved a day at a children's pizza place. Emma did manage to ride one ride before falling asleep:) So Lilly held down the fort all on her on and had a blast.
Please, say a prayer for our girls about their appointments in January. We are hoping for great news. We are praying no surgeries and maybe just them staying on their nightly medications for a little while longer. For Lilly she has been on hers since she was 1 year they were considering taking her off this year. Now I am not sure if they will since there is no change in her reflux. Emma has just started hers and it will most likely be a permanent maintenance medication for a few more they did with Lilly. I much rather have them on antibiotics than them recommend surgery. So I know the Lord has a plan and it will all work out in his will.
In the meantime...Let's rejoice that all these tests are over with for this year!!!

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