Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here is the inside of our home. I decided to dress up the fireplace a little bit and remember fall decorations can last until the end of November:) I got these cute little scarecrows on sale for half price at Walgreen's.
Lilly, Emma, and I baked these cute little cupcakes this week. Lilly was so excited that we put tiny little pumpkin sprinkles on remember you can buy these at the end of the year for almost 75%! They tend to keep for a VERY long time. Lilly thought they were pumpkin she scooped up some to put in a tea cup in their room. She said her and her Daddy were going to plant them and grow pumpkins:)
There are many reasons why I have not been keeping up with my blog lately. So I will start off..
First, Emma has been having some awful reflux. They have put her on Zantac and her formula has been changed quite a bit. She was still throwing up and having three hour crying fits. We took her the doctor for a cough and was told it was just a cold. Well, a week later we were back at the doctor. Apparently she has acid coming back up into her throat and that is causing the well as her snoring and she sounds like Darth Vader all the time when she breathes...awake or sleeping. She is also losing weight and so they have her set up to see a gastro doctor next month. Right now they changed her to another formula and while it has helped with the crying fits...she is still throwing up like crazy.
Second, I have been having a lot of memory issues. It is mainly my short term memory. I forget the most biggest things right down to the smallest. I have even been forgetting whole conversations and I have a overwhelming tiredness. I had naturally assumed this was stemming from my blood pressure medication and had a appointment with my internist this week. I found out that I had a mini stroke during all I went through with Emma's birth and there after. I was disappointed to find that this may not get better. He told me there was no treatment and put me on aspirin therapy to prevent another one. My Dad has been really supportive with me on this...he too has went through many mini strokes. Barry has also been very wonderful with me...he has been so thoughtful..right down to asking around at the hospital for the best aspirin for me to use. So it's been hard to cope with...I am only 30. I realize that this is a trial and that my reward is just starting to smile and coo. I can't say that a whole lot of other folks can get sick and something so beautiful to show for it. So I am coping the best way I know how. I have made myself a planner to write things down so I don't forget. I can get quite embarrassed about my memory issues and this was one of the reasons that prompted me to see the doctor. I also have figured out ways to not let the girls know what is going on. When I am extremely tired I will take a a book, play a game, watch a cartoon, tell stories, or play counting games on the couch. The good news is they are decreasing my lebetalol(my blood pressure medication)from 800 MGs a day to 600 Mgs...then on to down until I am completely off!!! They think my blood pressure is leveling out finally. I have also stopped my thyroid medication and they will recheck my TSH levels next month to make sure all is well there.
I thank you for continuing to read my blogs and hope soon that everything will return to normal. I do hope you understand why I had to take a absence and why things may be slow for a little while. I do need time to focus on my family and adjust. I will try my best to start posting more often than what I have been doing. Monday I have a blog coming friend Angel(Please check side bar for her link) has given me a award to pass on to some wonderful bloggers:) So I have to come up with ten things about myself. I am also going to post a freebie post then.
Also, may I ask for prayer for the above..especially for our Emma-kay. I also have a unspoken prayer for a church that is going through a lot here locally.


Unknown said...

aww hun the decorations are adorable.. I am kinda skipping thanksgiving decorations lol..heading straight for christmas.. btw I got my follower link on my page now... Love ya..

Together We Save said...

Your decorations are great! Praying for you!!

Molly said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time now, more than a year anyway. I don't comment often. I've enjoyed the freebies info when you have put them up and I have enjoyed reading about you and your precious girls.

I'm sorry things have been so hard. You sound like you are taking your challenges with a great attitude. Keeping a planner is so smart. Enjoy your girls, relax and get better. Good luck to you in all you do.