Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our local fair that we have every year.....

We recently took a trip to our local fair:) We wait for it every year to roll around. We love getting cotton candy, candy apples, and fresh green boiled peanuts. Since we had already purchased our gate tickets and ride tickets in advanced from Barry's work...Doots being super excited...and Emma having some tummy issues here lately..we decided to take Barry's parents up on the offer to let her stay with them while we went. It was my first time ever leaving her (besides being in the hospital that week after her birth.) I was super nervous about that..but, I really trust Barry's parents. She had a slight cough and we were worried about the cold night air.

Lilly and I waited and waited for our candy apples. We had been looking forward to them all day. So before we left the fair we went to the stand to grab one. She picked out this one with lots of marshmallows and I went with a regular old fashioned candy apple. Well, as they were adding them up and Lilly was sinking her teeth into one...they told me the total was 10.00!!! Yep, 2 candy apples at this fair was 10.00!!!!

I thought this picture was cute...looks like this goat is smiling at the petting zoo.
Emma-Kay when she came back from Mee-Maw and Papa's house.

Yes, this bull was absolutely thrilled we were touring the petting
This Llama made me think of one of Lilly's favorite books...Llama Llama mad at Mama.

Lilly feeding a goat.

This is the smartest goat I have ever seen:)

Mama and Doots.

This is a log house built in 1939 out of a giant log. Lilly was so in love with this tiny question she had for the man that ran this...Where was the He explained when it was built and gave her a tiny history lesson.

This is a circus we caught at the fair. I believe this lady is using over a 100 hula hoops!!!! At the end of the show they had two motorcyclists in a sphere that went around a lady inside. Well, they wrecked head on in the cage. They said everyone was fine and closed the show. We sure prayed for them scared the crowd senseless..we were all worried about them. I also felt horrible that Lilly had to see it.

The circus at the show.

This is a prize Lilly won at one of the games we let her play.

Doots picked this as her game of the night. She won a choice of ball or stuffed animal...well, she wanted to take one of the ducks home for Emma-Kay. It took about 15 minutes to finally convince her that she would get to play ball with Emma one day and that they duckies had to stay at the fair.

Mama and Doots

This was the only ride I was able to get on due to my high blood pressure. We went on this ride that consisted of a rope which one little girl started crying and clinging to me. I tried to get her back down off the ride..but, her Dad came to the rescue for her. It consisted of another slide that was inflatable. Word to the wise...skirts and slides do NOT mix. Then came the rope bridges. I am terrified of heights and Lilly left me. This other little girl decided it would be funny to bounce me on the Once up I tried to get the little girl to go down before which I think she was having second thoughts In the end I did make it down and Barry said he thought he was going to have to come get me. I tend to freeze on heights.

Doots flying her helicopter:)

On the bumper cars. She loved this ride more than anything else.

Daddy and Doots...poor Barry...his back was really hurting after all of this. He had to ride all the rides with her.
Mama and Doots

The ticket dance.
She wanted to hold all the tickets.
Our little clown.
For Doots the scarier the better on the rides. She loves things that go high, fast, and roller coasters!!! She has no fear what so ever. I was the same way when I was little..for some reason as I have gotten older I get scared way to


Look at that smile.

Daddy and Doots

Daddy and Doots on the roller coaster..which broke with them on it. This was on their second scary!!


Unknown said...

I am terrified of heights too.. adn I was never not afraid of them lol.. I piked on the roller coaster at our local fair when I was 7 and it only came 3 ft off the ground rofl.. Yeah HUGE scaredy cat here

Anonymous said...

oh you are a braver mom than me! i would have panicked at my little one on such a scary ride! (can you tell i don't do well on roller coasters? lol )