Thursday, November 26, 2009

I took some early Christmas pictures for the girls...

Lilly in the same dress her first Christmas:)

I decided to dress the girls up earlier this week to take some photos in front of the tree. We did something different this year...we got a full size tree. I will be honest the first year we were saved we didn't feel comfortable with a Christmas tree and we did not put one up. There after we prayed on it and decided that we would use a small table top tree so the emphasis would not be on a tree. So all the years Lilly has celebrated has been with a small table top tree:) Well, the small table top tree finally gave out last year. Between the cats and Lilly it got knocked over so many times it stopped rotating and made this awful sound when turned on. It was fiber no lights unless it was turned on.

Last Friday Barry and I had our first date day since Emma has been born. We let them stay at Barry's parents for the day. Emmers got to stay at home with Memaw(her grandmother) and Nanny(her great grandmother) the whole time we were gone..which meant she was held from start to Lilly got to go with Papa(Barry's Dad) to visit her Uncle (Barry's brother who is a farmer) in the field. She got to see all the farming and tractors she was so excited. She also got to haul peanut wagons with her which she got upset when they had to turn them in to the peanut mill. She got to eat raw peanuts and now she thinks her Uncle farms toys for a still don't understand how peanuts equal to toys:)

So Barry and I caught a movie at a was our first movie in FIVE years! We then ate at the Olive garden. I tried the chicken Marsala and LOVED it. They also finally had the chocolate gelato in with semi sweet chocolate chips and caramel...mmmmm:) Then off to Target...this is where I found on the 1.00 aisle the cutest matching Christmas gifts for the girls...kid sized cook hats, aprons, and rolling pins. Then off to Walmart where we picked up a tree..yes, I finally get to the After browsing we found that for 5.00 more we could get a full sized one that was pre-lite. So we finally got a big one....Lilly was thrilled to see we got one as big as her grandparents tree. She asked could we put it up this weekend and I gladly obliged. I find that I am more easy going and spontaneous now...why not? We are never promised another day and Christmas trees up in November do not hurt a soul:)

Oh, before I forget. We got a new advent calendar this year. I was able to catch this wonderful sale at Lifeway. I bought the "What God wants for Christmas" Nativity advent set. It only counts down 7 days until Christmas..instead of the full month. It comes with 7 present boxes, a figure for each one that leads up to completing the nativity scene, and a book to read along with it. I will post a picture for each day and let you know how the girls enjoy it.
So one morning before school we decided to take some pictures in front of the tree.
Low down on the outfits....Lilly is wearing a 6.50 outift...3.00 for the outfit(yard sale), 1.00 for shoes(weebok from thrift store), bow was 2.00 from local children's sale, and stockings .50 (Children's place from thrift store.) Emma is wearing a hand me down believe it or not. My parents bought this dress when Lilly was around Emma's age from a local store here. It was on sale for 14.00 and is a Dolly Pardon dress:)

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Unknown said...

Love the pics and the dress.. As far as the not having a tree part I have a few friends who literally blow an artery if you are a christian and have a tree yadda yadda can give the whoel spiritual signifigance. I know Jesus was not born in December, I know all that . But I alos know that God does not care HOW you give him honor and glory as long as you do it. If ya do it with a tree to represent the cross, the lights to represent him being the light of the world and the present to remind that he was the first gift ever given then so be it. Loveya hun