Saturday, November 7, 2009

Creating a Fall atmosphere...

So I decided in the month of October, not too long after our trip to the pumpkin patch, to make something festive for Fall in our front yard. I got this bale of hay for 4.00 at the pumpkin patch, a pumpkin for 6.00 from there..which you can get for 3.00 at you see my second pumpkin, the flowers are from the dollar tree, the ribbon is also from the dollar tree, and the flag is one I have had for about six years now. A great way to store your mini flags is with a clothes hanger that is meant for skirts or pants. I simply clip the tops of my flags..then hang them in my hall closet. It makes it super easy to slide each on out when I change them out.
I started out with the girls watching me and helping. Then Lilly decided she rather play on the swing set and Emma eventually grew tired of my she decided to take a In the end Mama put everything together.

The end result. Remember you can use this look even in the month of November as well.

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