Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday night ramblings...

This is my Dad...AKA "Paw-Paw" to his girls.

Emmers had a doctor's appointment this week. We found out that she does have reflux and they put her on Zantac to help with the spitting up. They also confirmed she does have the colic...but, trust me we already knew this:)

She can smile at times now.

If you have ever wondered what my furbabies look they are....

The top picture is Roger and the bottom is Mickey. Mickey is Lilly's best friend and Roger is my baby of six years. I found him when he was hours old in the back of an abandoned car. I helped feed him with a bottle when his Mom went missing at two weeks and we have a special bond. Now he is my big almost 20 pd Mickey was adopted at petsmart a little over a year ago.

Well, I found something really delicious. Every year I wait for Sam's to put out their instant Apple cider...I LOVE apple cider! It's kind of hard to find in the south and not too many people drink it hear I find. So while out picking up diapers I saw they had the instant out and threw some in the buggy. I didn't even stop to glance at the flavors. Apparently, this year they changed them up a bit:) They have now included "Hot apple pie" and "Caramel" I do miss my "granny smith" cider..but, the caramel apple makes up for it!! Tonight I decided to try some while I blogged and so caramel was my first choice. During the Winter months I love to have a cup of cider at night before bed. Also, I have to watch my sodium I have pretty much cut out all beverages..just drinking water now. Well, these little packets only have 15 Mgs of sodium.
I had an appointment with my internist this week. Everything looked really well. My OB thought it would be a great idea to take me off the lebetalol(my Blood pressure medication) and put me on something else. Apparently, this medication has a history of causing kidney damage. My internist seen no reason to take me off of it and has decided to leave me on it. So I am still on 800 MGs a day. They also did some labs to check my thyroid levels(since I have hypothyroidism and I am on synthroid for it) and my levels for my kidney function. I am not too concerned about the kidney function. When I had to do the magnesium sulfate therapy for 24 hrs they took my labs a few times then to check my kidney function. That was also one of the side effects of the mag. He said we would give everything six more weeks and then reevaluate everything again then. So far my BP readings have been really awesome and I am hopeful that it will not be chronic. The great thing is that the medication is doing exactly what it is suppose to be doing.
Emmers and Doots are doing wonderful. The girls are going to be sharing a room now. Lilly has been asking for a while now to share a room with Emma. Well, right now she sleeps in a cradle in our room...we plan to move her to her crib when she is three months old. We are putting the finishing touches up on their room tomorrow. I have to say that I am really proud of Doots. She been a wonderful big sister and such a big helper to me. She loves to grab diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. When Emma cries and I am out of the room..I have walked in to find her stroking her little head, whispering she loves her/it's going to be okay, and giving her..her binky. She also is loving taking the role of big sister now. She use to cry and tell me she wished she was smaller and begged me to make her smaller. I had a talk with her about all the cool things that big girls can do that babies can not. So today Barry was putting chairs on the table to mop and she told her Dad.."One day I get bigger..I help you Dad...I get stronger." She also has become Daddy's little girl and his shadow now. Emma is growing so much..she weighs 10.5 pds now and will be seven weeks old this coming Wednesday. She can smile some now and is doing an awesome job at holding her head up on her own. She is turning her head to voices and loves floral patterns. She also really likes to grab my hair and will not let I think it's just indescribable the love I have for these two little girls. The Lord has blessed us so much with them.
Barry is doing great as well. He is having a little trouble with his back and hip. We are hoping the pain will go away for him. They have now hired an extra tech in MRI so he actually gets off on time a good majority of the time now!! He also has less call. We have been praying for this for a while now. They were on a hiring freeze for a while. Here's a funny story this week. My Inlaws got a new TV and decided they did not have room for their entertainment center or gossip bench anymore. Barry tells them that we have no room for the center and we will take the bench. I didn't know until it was too late and they already gave the center to someone else. I explained to Barry how we could have made room and it would have fit. He replied.."Oh, well I didn't think of that." So jokingly I said I was going to get him back for passing up my entertainment I have loved that center since his parents got it and it was just so gorgeous. Well, yesterday he was out cutting grass and comes in holding parts to his lawn mower's steering I told him I had nothing to do with it..but, we laughed at how ironic the timing was. Bless his heart..he loves that lawn mower and it's not that old. I honestly have no idea how that steering wheel fell off. At least fall is here and hopefully he will not have to cut the grass again this year.
Well, I better go. Tomorrow I have lots to do. I am really excited..Barry gave me the go ahead to purchase a new living room area rug. We have had this one for six years or a tad bit longer! We plan on putting it in the girls' room since a good majority of it will be covered up with furniture. My parents are also coming over for supper and I plan to decorate the outside in fall colors. I have to dig out my garden flags, wreath for the door, and those general things. I just can't remember where I stored our fall decorations box at.

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