Friday, October 9, 2009

Open House at Lilly-Rose's school...

Daddy and Lilly-Rose.
Her art projects.
Emma-Kay looking bored and ready to

Her elephant.
Lilly-Rose's self baby is a budding artist:)

This was so cute. The teacher used her extra clothes to make a "mini me" of Lilly-Rose. That is even a little bow she left at school in her hair:)
Her coloring page..yes, I had more pictures than
Her classroom. Modeling their jungle safari hats the teacher's gave them.
Our little family:)
Mama and Lilly-Rose. I am not sure why my face looks so weird in this picture. Maybe it's just my computer screen? I am working on my laptop and running off the it tends to look a little darker I guess.

Daddy and Lilly-Rose. Barry, bless his heart, was sick that night. He still wanted to go and support he gave it his all. He even ran a fever that day! It had broke by that afternoon.

This hippo pool was so awesome. The teachers did an awesome job on the decorations.


Mama and her girls.

Mama and Lilly-Rose. I know my face looks really pale in this one. I bought some new make up the other day and I got the wrong Ever since my Mom allowed me to start wearing make up I have worn Creamy natural by Cover girl and my Mom had to help me pick that out. There's been twice I have bought some things from Merle Norman and I always let them pick my shades. Well, I went with the cover girl new oil of olay foundation in creamy turned out to be really light on me. I don't know a whole lot about make I was just upset at the amount of money that went down the drain! Can anyone give me tips on how to pick the correct shade? I really am lost when it comes to make up.

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