Friday, October 9, 2009

The girls get a new room and other updates...

Well, Lilly-Rose has been begging us since Emma-Kay was born to let her share a room with her. Right now Emma-Kay sleeps in a cradle in our room and we will consider moving her to her crib when she is over three months old. So we decided to let them share a room and make Lilly's old room into a play room. This will help me out a great deal on cleaning. Plus, I think that sharing a room may help them bond and maybe bring them closer to each other.
After looking over everything we decided that re-doing their room would be their big Christmas present given to them early. We even found a Disney princess/DVD player on Craigslist that was really cheap! After debating..we thought putting the TV in the bedroom was a better idea than the playroom. If in the playroom they would most likely put in to watch it all the time. In their regular bedroom it can be saved for a treat for family movie nights or as Doots calls them.."snuggle parties" or rainy days. Everything in moderation:) I know you can see the outline of the stickers. I wanted to touch on that. The stickers that I bought were not cut that well at the I ended up having to cut around them with scissors. I promise it looks much better in person and you can not tell where I cut around them. I guess the flash just brought it out in the pictures. I also plan on re-painting the black bench pink..the snail lamp on the bench was a clearance item at Lowe's for 4.99 and that darling little rabbit is Angelica. My Daddy bought me that rabbit when I was a little girl. I also got the girls letters to spell out each of their names and they go over their beds(Lilly was the most excited over this than anything else I believe) and I am getting both of them new bedding. We were only able to find Lilly's at the moment. We plan to look at Walmart for Emma-Kay a crib set this weekend.
Please overlook Emma-Kay's crib. I was storing her boppy and bouncy seat in it since she does not sleep there at the moment. The curtains and tea set/plates are my favorite addition to the room! I love those curtains they are so cute and I love the top tabs. I also gave the girls so of my plates and a tea set from my collections. Please, ignore the bed as was made before pictures and Lilly decided to take a quick jump. The final touch was a new rug for the room. All and all I really love it. It's the room I always wanted as a little girl and Lilly is absolutely thrilled with the outcome. She calls it her "princess room" and has been spending a ton of time in there. She doesn't even care about the play room anymore. She loves to take her books and read on her bed. She also has been playing princess in there and says that she lives in a big castle:) She also can not wait until Emma-Kay can join her. She said tonight they were going to sleep together, giggle together, talk together, play together, wake up together, snuggle together, and her list went on. Oh, she also says I am now Cinderella, she is Belle, and Emma-Kay is Snow white. She says "We are three princess girl best friends"..her words:) Forgot to add..I have drawers for the hutch. When I bought the hutch from someone online..the knobs were I am now changing those out and trying to re-do a white stand up jewelry box my Daddy bought me as a young girl for them. I also have to find a matching knob for it as well. So we are going this weekend to hunt for pretty knobs at Home depot. I decided just to leave the drawers off until I could change everything out.
Other than that we are doing quite great. Lilly is out for fall break until next Thursday and I am so excited to have her home with me. Emma-Kay will be two months old come next Wednesday and the Zantac the doctor put her on seems to be working out great. Barry's dept finally got a new that means he is going permanently to 9:30 to 6 and has a lot less call!! We have been praying on this for a long time! I got great news earlier this week. I was removed off my Synthroid(which is for hypothyroidism). My TSH levels have went back to normal and so now I only have to get rid of this blood pressure medication. I believe the Lord is working that for me and my levels are actually doing awesome!!
I will post some freebies tomorrow night.

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