Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall festival time is here:)

Halloween has always been a time of year that has been awkward within our family. Due to religious beliefs we never celebrated Halloween. Last year we decided to let Lilly-Rose go the local pumpkin patch here. We had a blast picking sunflowers and letting her pick out a pumpkin. Our goal was to make a pie, cookies, or muffins with the pumpkin. In the end she ended up refusing to let us cut it open and slept with it until we HAD to throw it There was a fall festival being held by one of the churches and we decided to let her dress up for that...she went as the lion from Narnia. We also let her dress up for speech therapy last year as Minnie Mouse and Barry arranged a special visit with my Dad that day. He was admitted in the same hospital as Lilly speech therapy and had dialysis there that day. So it was a treat for him and really cheered him up. We look at fall as a time to give thanks to our Lord for all the blessings he has given us. Lilly has lots of dress up outfits and yes, she does get sweets as treats on occasion. So while we do not celebrate the holiday of Halloween..we do celebrate fall and let her participate in certain activities during this time of the year...there are certain limitations that we set..that we feel comfortable with and feel do not compromise our beliefs. I think certain holidays and things that we do not participate in has been something that has been hard for both of our families to accept at times.
This year her school is having a fall festival at their school/church. So they are holding a costume contest. I wanted the girls to go as dalmatian puppies. Barry saw these little dragon outfits and really wanted them. So I let him pick the outfits out and they fitted my requirement...I always little girls I could dress alike:) So we got matching outfits for them. I decided the other day to dress them in them to see how they looked and fitted. I then took some photos and made some "Happy fall" cards for our family. If you have not been to lately...GO! Go to photos and look at all the great stuff they have. We got 20 of the above cards printed up for .33 each with envelopes. We also did Emma-Kay's announcements with them as well. We got 25 for around 10.00! You can do them all online and then pick up in your local store or have them shipped. I always do the one hour pick up.

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