Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sisters are gifts from God....


I think we are adjusting quite well to being a family of four. Things are getting easier and just seem to come natural at times. We do sometimes forget that it takes us a little longer to go we need to plan accordingly and start preparing a bit earlier. Otherwise, I think we doing pretty good these days on being parents of two:)

Well, we have all been sick. Barry has been the most sick of us all. So he went to the doctor today. He has had a upper respiratory infection and to receive a breathing treatment when he went to the doctor's office. They later sent him home with a bunch of medications to take. Lilly is also sick..she went to the doctor's office this week with an ear infection. I was sick with a basic cold for a little while..nothing major. The doctor has now upped my dosage of medication to 800 MGs a day now for my blood pressure. That has been an adjustment since it makes me really fatigued and I just feel BLAH! Emma, praise the Lord, is doing great! We are just having issues with gas...if her tummy is not hurting from that she is one happy camper. I also think we have found the right formula for her. We found that anything that was milk based was giving her we swapped her to soy. We are thinking maybe she is lactose intolerant..but, her pediatrician didn't seem to think so. I just really wish I could breast feed.

We finally got our van. We went with a 2000 Dodge grand caravan. It's been such mess with getting the A/C fixed on it. We have been waiting for about a week now to get it and the sellers were super nice about getting everything fixed before we bought it. So we were very excited to finally buy it!! We got a wonderful deal on it. With the money we saved coming in way under budget, buying it outright, we were able to buy new tires for it. I think it drives wonderful and much more room than the trail blazer.

I got my hair cut last week. It's a little shorter than I wanted...I didn't know it would be quite this short. But, it is still long in considering most hairstyles. The stylist did a long layer cut on me. I wanted something that would give my hair body and look like I did something to it...when I actually didn' My hair is so thin and fine it never holds a curl. So this is something I can keep up with a flat iron or just washing/drying/brushing.

Lilly has been doing so much better in school. Her first progress report the teacher was concerned about her being in her own little world...she seemed to tune the teacher out. Actually, that was more the words she used. Last weeks progress report said that she was doing great and there was no "concerned" comments:) She has also learned how to spell her full name!!!! She was also invited to her first birthday party for a classmate. She has been so excited about going.
I will be doing my own product review coming up. I bought some lotion at walmart for my face. It says it will fade dark spots and wrinkles on your face. When pregnant I always have the worst melasma on my face. This time with Emma Kay it is not fading as well. So I will let you know if it works. Today is day two...the box said to give it roughly 14 days.
I am hoping to get another freebie post done tomorrow night and then try to catch things back up to normal on the blog.
Also, thank you all for the sweet comments about our little ones.

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Elizabeth said...

Your little daughter is precious. We were blessed with a 4th child, Josiah. Another August blessing! He arrived on the 24th.