Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Kid's Market..

I found this cute bubble jumper for Lilly. It even had L monogrammed into it. I know we are a modest dressing family. But, at school I do give her a daily choice on what she likes to wear. I realize that children love to play and that sometimes a dress can limit her to outdoor activities. Doots is a really big tom boy. So most of her good dresses that I send her to school in...come back ripped or something on them I can not get out. There's also other reasons for my choices on this. I think that would a different post all together and some may have a difference of opinion with me. So we will save that as an interesting topic at a later date:) I would love to see any one's response that would love to reply. So maybe this week I can sit down and type out my thoughts.
Here's a full view of the jumper. I picked up the perfect shirt for this for 1.00 at the thrift store some months back.

A gymboree outfit and skirt set. Lilly loves this set b/c the little girl is wearing cowboy boots.

I got Lilly two Ralph Lauren shirts, three bows, and good Winter Old Navy jacket for school(It was only 2.50!!). I bought a fancy one for her at a yard sale with a matching bonnet. So this one is more for play or just going out daily. I will post the other jacket in a later post.

Alright, now this was the deal of the day!!! I found this baby Dior three piece set for Emma-Kay for 5.00!!! That's right...5.00!! Their onesie sets are 200.00, binkies go for 45.00, 500.00 diaper bags, and even bottles are 45.00!!! This is all per the Saks fifth ave web site. I splurged on it b/c I love bonnets. I guess I get that love from my Aunt Mae. She always wore a bonnet outside in her garden. When we would go to her house she would let us wear hers.

This is all Emma-Kay's. The blue shirt had the cutest little leopard skin print skirt in her size. We lost it some where at the market or in the parking lot!! I was so sad. Is that not the cutest little Winter sweater for her? The pant set is a three piece set...jacket, onesie, and is also vitamins and still had the tags on it..brand new set at 5.00!!

Emma-Kay's again. The skirt set is Baby gap. Middle pants set is three piece again...same as top. That is also a beautiful little dress. I LOVE this color of blue on her. It's almost a aqua. We bought her a little dress and bloomers from a yard sale for 1.00...same is so cute on her.

This year I decided to go to the local Kid's market we have twice a year. I was a little skeptical if I would find any great deals and I had two little ones in tow. So with Emma-Kay strapped to my chest and Lilly-Rose in the stroller we set out. Barry and I had put aside a budget of roughly 100.00..with hopes of spending 80.00 or less for the girls' Winter clothes.
We arrived just after Emma-Kay's daily afternoon colic fits to our old Michael's building. The place is huge and slammed packed with used items from clothes, shoes, bows, nursery items..anything kid related. The only drawbacks of the evening was they had no A/C. I was so grateful I had the Mommy sense to bring some water from home with us.
So with our budget and the heat getting to the girls...we walked out spending 70.00. This includes all the clothes above, three bows for Lilly, and a my little pony house/horses/furniture set for Lilly. I really had to get a lot for Emma-Kay. Lilly-Rose...I had been buying for her through out the year and saving the clothes at yard sales/thrift stores/clearance sales. So we do buy new for our children when we find good deals. Barry and I make the choice to buy used for ourselves 99% of the time. It makes more since to us and clothes in our size usually are in great condition. Children are much harder on their clothing and so the selection you find is not always so great. It's really hard to also find used skirts in their size and sometimes dresses. Shorts and jeans are more common.
I am also not big on brand names. But, when I find a 50.00 outfit for 3.00 I get excited:) I realize that with clothing the amount you pay does not always show the quality of the product. I use to work in a children's boutique years ago and realized this. I would see people come in and put down 100.00 or more on a smocked dress. I had just tagged those same dresses and the price the owner paid for it was around 10.00!!! I seen some outfits and dresses being bought for around 5.00 and mark up was 60.00 or more on them!! I never understood paying that price when they were buying school clothes or every day clothes. I would be so afraid to let the girls out the front door with the clothes I think 10.00 is expensive for an outfit:) No offense to anyone that spends that much. I am sure everyone has their reasons...some think I am crazy for buying used. So I was really surprised when I got all named brand for the girls clothing like...Baby Dior, Gap, Baby gap, Vitamins, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, and Etc.

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