Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First bath:)
Relaxing after bath:)

We are so excited today. We get to pick up our van. As you know last year we bought our trailblazer for our primary vehicle. The transmission in Barry's truck went completely out and the van we had at the time would have never held up to being our primary way of going..it had over 500,000 miles on it. Well, Barry has been using it as just to get him back and forth to work and recently it started acting up. We sent it to the mechanics and was told it was not worth fixing. This would have left us with only one way of going and with Barry's work schedule we would have to withdraw Doots from school...which is very beneficial for her speech/language delay. So we prayed on it and finally have enough to buy another van outright. Our original plan is to use this van as our primary way of going...Barry take the trailblazer just to and from work. This way it saves on miles on it and we can use it for long trips. So we have been looking for over a month and haven't been able to find anything. Finally, I was looking on craigslist and found this awesome van. The miles are low and in excellent condition. The only issue was there was something wrong with the A/C. The owners have a warranty on the part and so today is suppose to be the day that it will be ready from the mechanics. We are so excited!! It's going to be so much easier getting the girls in and out. Best of all no payments!!! It's also in great condition and so it is a safe/reliable vehicle. Oh, we also came in under budget...so we are getting new tires put all the way around:) The Lord really blessed and guided us on this purchase.

I think everyone has had a bug. Doots is getting over hers and Barry is really sick today. Emma is still dealing with finding the right formula with her. I wish I could breast feed! As for me all my medication makes me sleepy..especially the blood pressure meds and I am on 600 MGs a day of it. So twice a day I have to take it and twice a day I am sleepy for that part. It is nice to be at home and things started to fall into the norm of things.


A Joyful Chaos said...

Your baby is absolutely adorable! I keep hoping that I will be blessed with another one to love.

Together We Save said...

You have a beautiful baby. First bath.... so sweet. But all 3 of mine cried the whole time.