Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where I have been....

Well, I know my plan this week was to post lots of pictures of my two favorite girls and finally get caught up with freebies. So here's what happened. I have copied and pasted this from my facebook account.
I finally got to go home on Saturday and was overjoyed. I took my blood pressure medication and bought a cuff to take my pressure at home. For all of Saturday night and Sunday my pressures were running high. We figured it must be the cuff..after all, I am on medication. By Monday I had a headache that would not go away, feeling dizzy, and just weird in general. Monday morning I started to go back to bed while Emma was sleeping and Barry was taking Doots to school. Then it was like the Lord was telling me to go to the doctor..just to have them check my blood pressure to be on the safe side. So I did..I tell you if I had not listened to that small still voice. When I got to the doctors office my blood pressure was outrageous, they refused to let me leave, and made me lay on my side. They had to do a cath on me to get a clean catch to see how much protein was in my urine and make sure my kidneys and such were in working order. I have a bad case of preclampsia( and was turning eclaptic My blood pressure was so high my doctor was afraid I would start to go into a seizure or have a stroke. So I was readmitted on Monday..yes, on my 30th birthday and 8th wedding anniversary!!!Once admitted back into labor and delivery..they are the only ones besides ICU that administer the Magnesium sulfate therapy( They decided to do this to prevent seizures from happening and it also relaxes all the muscles in your body to help with blood pressure coming down. So I was put on a seizure TV, no stimulation...clear liquid case I did have a seizure I would not choke. The magnesium was scary. I did google it before I took it. The risks are very scary to me..but, it's either put toxic levels of magnesium in your body or risk having convulsions..or stroke.The medication has to be pumped through an IV for 24 hrs. It burns like crazy in your IV and it makes you feel horrible. You kind of feel like you got a really bad flu..just blah,really really dizzy, weak, and like you are wearing a lead on your don't even feel like having anyone talking to you...b/c talking takes up too much energy. So I got through that and finished up on Tuesday at 12 in the afternoon. It usually takes about 12 hrs to get out of your system.
So I finally got out on Thursday. It was a scary experience to say the least and I left with three new medications to help keep my BP down. I am praying that it will subside six weeks out of postpartum. That seems to be the norm in these cases. I realize that it can stay with me. But, I much rather be on medication for the rest of my life than the alternative. When I got to come home both Barry and I Poor Barry was here all by himself with a newborn and toddler..he had no help what so ever. I have to say I have a wonderful husband and he did one excellent job. I am very proud of him.
Emma is having some issues with the formula she is on. Due to all my medication I can not breast feed and so she is still adjusting to things. We even swapped brands to see if that would help. She can put down 4 oz every four hours. The pediatrician said as long as she is hungry that it was fine. Her little personality is already coming out and she is so laid back. She is such a good baby.
Doots has had trouble adjusting with me being home. She is afraid to leave me b/c she thinks I will have to go back to the doctor and they will have to put me back in. So she is underfoot a lot. We did have a small issue of her not wanting to go to school. She loves Emma Kay like crazy and is such a big helper. She is also very protective over her. She is like a little Mama and Barry said when I was in the hospital..she was trying to tell him what to
Other than that...we adjusting to being a family of four. So as soon as things get settled I will be back to freebies in no time at all.

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Molly said...

First I must say congratulations on the birth of your new daughter. I love her pictures, she is beautiful. I'm sorry to hear you have been having such a rough time and I hope that your meds work out for you so you don't need to go back to the hospital. Take care.