Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a few updates....

Emma's coming home outfit.

The Loves of my life:)

Proud Daddy.

Waiting to get her photo made for the nursery.

My blog will eventually turn back into a freebie blog soon:) As you know we have a new edition to our that is a busy experience within itself. There have been some other things going on. We had to stay a little later in the hospital than expected due to my high blood pressure. I had preclampsia and so they are still working to get my pressure under control. There for a while it was looking as if I was going to have to have the Magnesium sulfate by IV...they tried me on medication first. So in the end they doubled my dose and decided that I had some numbers they could live with sending me home with.

Not sure if I mentioned in my last blog. But, my Dad was unable to see Emma Kay. He called me and said he just was not feeling well. He thought it was a cold and that he didn't want Emma to catch it. He asked all about her....she has his hair:) My Mom then visited me Saturday morning and told me that my Dad was a floor above me in ICU on a breathing machine. My Dad has a lot of ailments and one of them is emphysema. Recently he took to smoking again and smoking a lot. Due to this it put him in a position where he could not breathe. All his oxygen tanks were not working at home and by time the ambulance got there..he was literally trying to run to it. The put him in a medically induced coma and inti bated him. His fistula in his arm for was also blocked. So this morning he had surgery to try to clear it and they were unable to do so. So they put a temporary port in his neck and were able to give him dialysis today. He also has a touch of pneumonia. They are hoping to bring him around somewhat tomorrow and wean him off the machine/medications. So far he can follow some commands when that is a great sign. I would like to ask for prayer for him please. My Dad is a trooper and a fighter..he has been through worse. I have full confidence that the Lord will bring him out of this.

We got to come home yesterday and it was really different leaving with two children:) I have to say Barry has been wonderful through all of this and has helped me so much. Due to my medication I get sleepy about an hour after taking it...Barry has been so great holding down the fort while I take a nap or rest until my body can adjust to the medication. I have to take 2o0 MGs twice a day and the downfall was..due to taking the medication I can not breast feed and it makes you just really tired. So Emma has been having some tummy issues due to the formula she is having to drink. When that is not bothering her she is a wonderful little baby. She is so easy going and hardly cries... a big change from when Lilly was a When Doots was in the room she let you know about it. We just love both of them so much. Lilly has fallen right into the big sister roll and only has a smidge of jealousy. Mostly she is very protective over Emma. Last night Barry put together our cradle swing for Emma Kay to lay in. When Lilly saw it she immediately wanted one and started crying to me...she asked why I couldn't make her smaller so she could be a baby again. It really did break my heart. Today we did some play time with Emma on the floor and I thought Lilly would bring out every toy in her room. She was so excited to show her all her toys. She also keeps herself busy by checking on her every five will catch her adjusting Emma's blanket or stroking her head asking her if everything is okay. We still get a lot of "Mama wook at me or Dad wook at me" while she does her best jumps:) It's a joy to just watch the two of them and hold them both.

I just can not believe we are parents to two children now. It amazes me everyday since Emma has been born. It's neat to see the similarities and differences between our two girls. I still can not get over all this hair Emma Kay has:) I better go. I have a busy day tomorrow...we have to get Doots to school, possibly go by to check my BP at the OB office(I think the cuff we bought is keeps reading really high), visit my Dad, and tomorrow is my 30th well as our 8th wedding anniversary!!!

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Tracey said...

Congratulations from another mom of two girls! Best wishes as you settle into all you have going on!