Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emma Katherine....

Look at those cheeks...I just want to squeeze them:)
Big sister meeting little sister for the first time and Meemaw(Barry's Mom) meeting new grand baby.
She looks so much like her Daddy.

Okay, the hair really surprised us!! We were not expecting so much hair:) Poor little Doots was bald for the first year or so of her life.

Proud Daddy. So jealous..Barry always makes great photos. I on the other hand looked awful!
Emma Katherine (Emma Kay) was born 8/19/09 at 5:56 PM. She was 21 inches long and 8.7 pds!!! I guessed 8.3 pds before she not too far off.
I am sorry I have not been keeping up with the blog. Before Emma came I was on bed rest. My blood pressure was really high and having dizziness. It was so bad I was not even allowed to drive. I was told Ms. Emma was pressing down on the main vein in my stomach. So due to the high blood pressure(which was caused by that pressure) and the swelling in my feet..I was put on bed rest.
I thought Tuesday night I was in labor. I did have six contractions in one hour. We called the OB and he said to lay down a bit...see where the contractions took me and if they slowed I did not have to come in. After I laid down they became irregular and I was just mainly up/down all night(also last week I was at 2 CM on we knew it was any day)hurting.
By Wednesday morning I started having leaking and really bad steady contractions. My water still had not broke and I called the OB. They told me to come straight in and Barry came home from work to get me. Once there I found out I was at 4 CM. My blood pressure was still high and I had protein in my urine. I had preclampsia with I was sent to L &D. They had to break my water around 5 CM. After that the contractions were pretty hard and steady. I couldn't really focus and did opt for an epidural. I promise you this is the last one I EVER get. They had to do it twice. The first one made me feel really weird and my left side was numb. By time Emma started to crown it had worn it didn't really do a lot of good for the birthing aspect of things..but, it did help a great deal with the contractions:) Since I had pitocin this go around as well..I was very thankful for that. I went through it with Lilly and they were so much harder on me. I did have to have stitches and oddly that is not even bothering me. It's the contractions from my uterus that is really bothering me right now(we had a little disagreement with the medication they wanted to give me for pain. I refused the one they were trying to give me since it was so strong.) Emma did have to be suctioned as soon as she arrived. They originally thought she would have to go straight to the nursery. There was meconium in they were a little concerned about it getting into her lungs. Praise the Lord everything went well. Really...even with the birth being painful(though I think that is the way it is suppose to be)...I think I still had a good birthing experience.
Doots went to school as usual yesterday. I tried explaining to her that if Papa(Barry's Dad) came to pick her up..that meant Mama was having Emma Kay. That I would get to see her that night or the next day. She took it all in and her only question was...was she still getting to go to After school my father in law brought her by to see me(I just had to see her) and she was a little taken back that I was in a hospital bed. I explained to her that I was fine and was in the hospital for something very special. When she left she says..."Bye get a get a're gonna scream Mama." That makes you feel very A couple of weeks ago we were watching a show and I didn't think Doots was paying much attention to it. The lady was giving birth and they showed no graphic scenes..just the doctor at the end of the table and the lady yelling. So now she associates child birth with screaming. I've tried to explain that not all birthing experiences are alike. But, she is four and those type of things are hard to understand at that age. I kind of regret now her seeing the show on TV. Barry and I also bought her a shirt that says "I am the big sister"..she wore it proudly up here last night. I had it gift wrapped and gave it to Barry's parents to give to her right before she came up here. I wanted to do something special to help her ease into being a big sister. We have made arrangements and tomorrow snack time is on us at school. We are letting her take cupcakes and juice boxes for everyone to celebrate. This was partly Doots' idea before Emma came:)
Now on to my little Miss Emma Kay. She is absolutely beautiful. I love those chubby little cheeks and just can not believe all this hair she has. She has the cutest little cleft chin and chubby thighs. She is such an easy going baby. When she first came out she was quite upset. I guess if you are suctioned, stuck with needles, inked for prints, five minutes in you get a rectal thermometer, and then tossed under water..yeah, that could make anyone a little Once she was use to her surroundings she just took them all in. She never cries unless you mess with her cap or take her picture. Otherwise, she just lays in your arms and looks around. I was so surprised to see her smile already. She also loves sticking out her tongue and rolling it around. I really think she looks just like her Daddy. I told everyone I am so glad she got her Daddy's nose..Doots has his nose too. I have never been a huge fan of mine. It's amazing how different her and Doots look from each other..yet, still look so much like their Daddy. She did get my hair though. I had jet black hair and lots of it when I was born too. I just think she is going to be one easy going baby. Oh, she is also quite the healthy eater too:) I just can not believe she is here. It does feel strange to be parents of two little ones now. You should have seen Barry just in awe of her last night. I just couldn't get over how beautiful she is and just the miracle of her being conceived/born is. You know God leaves me in awe all the time. It's amazing how he creates us. Just the act of being conceived alone is a complete miracle and blessing in itself....even if you don't have fertility problems. I think we consider pregnancy as no big deal these days. Really it is..if you ever read about it and what it takes to conceive a's just amazing.
Barry has been such a wonderful encouragement to me through everything. The rough spots during the pregnancy, encouraging me during the birthing process, and today he is handling everything that needs to be done. I am very blessed to have such a loving husband and these two beautiful little girls that the Lord has given us. I sit here this morning as I type this and just think of all the wonderful things the Lord has done for me. I can't believe that years ago I sat in a doctor's office and was told I could not have children. I went home to go into a depression..not even wanting to get out of bed for days. It was Barry that told me he would not allow us to feel sorry for ourselves anymore and that the Lord had something bigger planned for us..he just could feel it. He was right...years later we have two beautiful little girls and a solid marriage. I hope our story has been an encouragement to others..that with the Lord anything and everything is possible.
So we will be enjoying our time as a family at home. Barry does not have have to go back to work until Sept. 14!!! He worked so hard to get all this PTO time to be home with us.

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Gwen said...

I was wondering where you were! So glad EK is here and healthy! Make sure you enjoy your new born, they don't stay little long! Congratulations!!