Thursday, July 9, 2009

Praise report and review.

First off a praise...
We had her follow up appointment today. There was no new growth on her cultures. They are thinking there was no new growth due to not being able to get a sample before they gave her antibiotics. So when Doots had her urine done..the doctor had already administered the high power antibiotics. So we will never know how bad the infection was. She did indeed have a UTI. That's what made her have fevers, cramping, and throwing up. The doctor was so impressed by how well she is doing and reacting to the antibiotics we are giving her at home. He seen no point in referring her back to her pediatric urologist!!! So that means no surgery and we can face that obstacle next year on her yearly visit with him. I am on cloud nine right now and Barry is too.

Afterwards I had to run by Walmart to grab some resolve. I was unable to deep clean our living room carpet after Doots missed her sick bucket. I had to clean the best way I could...then she was admitted into the hospital. So while there Doots and I took our normal trip down the clearance section. I found a Vtech V motion for 19.00 in the section. She has been wanting one of these for a very long time and they have been running 59.99. So I called Barry and he said...let's do will be a celebration gift. I went back to the toy section to see how much games run on the system. If they are high...the investment may not be that great. They were reasonably priced and here's the weird part...all the other systems JUST like it was still priced at was just those two on the clearance section that was 19.00. I got it home and hooked it up for perfect. The only thing I can figure is maybe it was a return. But, all of her game's accessories were still sealed and never opened. So what a deal!!!!!! We saved 40.00!! Not bad. So here's my overall review...

  • This system does not come with a power cord. You will have to purchase this separate and you will have to use batteries until you do so.
  • The batteries do not last a day in the system....surprisingly this toy came with


  • Since it can run off of can take this with you on trips. I would imagine this would easily hook up to a portable DVD player.
  • Has a really nice compartment on top for video game storage.
  • The games are really great for little ones and really educational.
  • I like that she is not stationary while playing the game...she can actually move with it.
  • You can pick to move with the game or use the joystick.
  • The games on average are around 17.00 and I have not checked used yet on Ebay.
  • It did come with this USB thing..I have not read up on what it is for yet.
  • It came with a game cartridge that had three different games on it.

So check your local walmart's Clearance section and see if they are discounting any Vtech motions in your area. Doots has been playing it a lot today while I have been's also rainy here too. She absolutely LOVES this game.

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