Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our adventures this weekend...

I started decorating Lilly's room with our left over home school things. The dollar tree is an excellent source of home schooling supplies. I found this alphabet wall border there last week. I decided to put it in a square instead of an actual border.
This is actually a luau mural for a birthday party....also from the dollar tree. I could not believe how big it is and beautiful when put up. Lilly is crazy about it.

Here Doots is going through her toy blessing:) She found a Dora doll and was thrilled!

A microphone for the superstar:)

This was pretty cool. It's plastic butterfly wings that light up and a microphone that plays different songs...I think it also lights up. Everything worked on it!!
Ready to dive in.

Well, our adventure started out on Friday. I was waiting in line at the post office and had an incident happen..that prompted me to call my OB nurse. When I called I was told Emma could either have been on my bladder wrong or my water was leaking. So I was told to go home..put on a pad and rest. She felt that it could be a precursor that I would be going into labor over the weekend. I leak a little last night. Nothing major enough to go to the ER. This morning I was having contractions about every ten minutes. After 4 I called the OB line again. Basically...the consensus water has to fully break or contractions are really close to go in to the ER. Right now I do leak a little, I have contractions off/on, and I am starting to swell. I am worried b/c Emma would be early. According to our second due date she would be four weeks early and according to our third due date given she would be around two to three weeks. So we really are just unsure and realize this could be a false alarm. Barry seems to think we will end up in the ER by the end of this weekend.
So today we decided to go to the dollar tree to pick up some essential items for our suitcase and go out for lunch. We decided to go ahead and pack a suitcase just in case. We also needed to pick up a travel toothbrush/toothpaste set for Doots. She will be spending the labor/delivery part with her Papa and Meemaw...then straight to the hospital to see her new sister and stay with us. When we came out the truck would not start up. Three to four hours later Barry's Dad determined it was the battery(Praise the Lord that he was able to help was sooo hot) and we had to buy a new one. Ours would just not hold a charge..even when jumped off. We were so tired and hot by the end of the day. At least we broke down in a store parking lot and we were able to have access to a restroom/cold water. What was wonderful? We had twelve people today stop and try to help. I thought that was pretty awesome. There was only one person that just really didn't care. She parked directly in front of our truck. We had the hood up and informed her that we were waiting to be jumped off. She ignored us and went in for her tanning/hair cut. Two hours later she came out. The Lord looked out for us and Barry's Dad was able to attempt to jump us off by parking catty corner in the next actually was cutting it close. That was another thing..there was a open space directly next to where she parked. I admit that did discourage me a bit today...that someone could be so uncaring. She seen how pregnant I was, Lilly's little hot cheeks, and Barry standing there..she just didn't care that we were expecting help and by parking there..her vehicle could hinder that.
We came home, rested up, and ate supper. Barry had a quick a nap and we decided to go on to Walmart. There was still just a few items we needed in general, we had to look at a few baby items, and return our old battery for the core refund. When we came out..we put up our items..Barry took Lilly to buckle her in and I decided to return our buggy. While I was returning it a older couple said they had some things they were giving to the good will. They were actually leaving it in a buggy in the pit..but, asked if I would like to have the items. They said they could not fit their groceries in the car and keep the toys. So we ended up with three bags of toys!!! I think that was the cherry on top of our day. I can not believe how many caring people are still out there..even though we only had one bad experience today...we still had more good experiences. Shows who is trying to discourage you and who always prevails:) Lilly was so excited when she got home and could not wait to go through the bags. There were lots of nice toys, some clothes, dress up clothes, and lots of dolls. So what we don't use we can also bless someone else with.


Morgan said...

Very cool that you're so close to having your baby! You must be very excited!

What's a toy blessing?

Together We Save said...

Glad she had a great time.