Thursday, July 16, 2009


Last Friday I really wanted to do something special for Barry. He has been working long hours and so hard these past few months. They are one tech short in his department and he also is taking on more call to save up PTO hours to be off with Emma when she is born. We are also using the extra money to buy a few baby necessities that are still needed and some debt. So Lilly and I set out to find a really nice gift for him. We stopped by the dollar tree for balloons(which Lilly thought her Daddy deserved everyone in the was hard to talk her down to just a couple), she picked out Hannah Montana pencils for him as a present(which he is have to know Barry. He is so proud of anything we make or get for him), she also picked a puppy card, I bought him a CD from walmart, and then our biggest find...I got this bouquet of beautiful roses for 9.99!!! It was reduced from being a little old. Keep in mind this picture was taken around Tuesday and so you can see just how beautiful they would have been on Friday...what a deal! I also picked up his drink and candy...then dropped it off to be delivered to his department at the hospital:)

Here are some freebies I got in the mail last week. Lilly got her Princess potty kit and it came with these cool stickers for her bedroom or bathroom wall, a cereal bar..which Doots did smell good when I opened it for her, and a coupon/three tea samples from Yogi tea. These are actually some flavors I have not tried yet. I figured I really need to keep up with posting my freebies that I get through the here they are. I also got a baby bundle of coupons through the mail from Nestle. There were some formula coupons and coupons for random baby items. The 1.00 off of onesies will definitely come in handy next week.
Sorry, about not keeping up with my blog. Things are really hectic about this time. I really do not have that long before Ms. Emma-Kay will make her grand appearance. Since my due date has been moved three times...we are just going to go by the last date of August 15. I am having a lot of contractions now and that normal achy type feeling in my back. We still have the nursery to clean up(we have been using it for storage when we did not get pregnant right have to keep in mind we had fertility issues and after about three years of trying...we started using it to store items), we still need some basics for Emma(stroller/car seat combo, cradle swing, few outfits, onesies that are short sleeved, and bottles..I plan to pump breast feed), and Lilly starts back to school next month at some point!!
Lilly-Rose has been doing wonderful. Her infection has fully healed and we have had no more issues. Since she tends to get feminine type infections with antibiotic overload...they take her off her normal nightly antibiotic when she is on another. So tonight was her last night of the one prescribe after she left the hospital and tomorrow she will start back on her regular schedule of macrodantin. Praise the Lord she did not get another infection to go along with those antibiotics. Then wouldn't you know it..I started my Macrobid I have a kidney infection now. I had them chronically as a child and then seemed to have grown out of them. Now I only get them really bad when I am pregnant. With Lilly's pregnancy I kept them constantly and even had a kidney stone. With Emma this is my third. So I am cramping from the infection and it's hard to determine a bladder spasm from a contraction sometimes. I have been feeling really tired lately too. But, I just praise the Lord Lilly's over hers. I think as adults we are able to understand and handle pain a lot better than children at times. So there is always something to give praise about.
Well, I think that is it. I finally addressed and labeled about 30 envelopes last night. Barry was able to mail all of Lilly's pictures off this morning to family and friends. So tomorrow is really just doing chores.

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