Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here it is about 3 AM here. I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep and decided to get some chores done while everyone is sleeping. So I am taking a break and decided to update my blog.

Lilly actually took a nap today and so I think between that nap...then going to bed early when Barry got home..I am now caught up on my sleep. It's been a long week and weekend. Barry surprised me when he got home. I forgot to lay anything out for supper and when he saw I was thawing something out via microwave(usually I have supper ready..but, today he got off early due to their patient schedule)..he got a smile on his face. He says.."Why don't we eat out tonight and start over tomorrow?" I did not complain. Lilly was so excited to eat we grabbed something and came back home to eat.

So later this morning I will take Doots back to the pediatrician. Basically, they will go over culture results, take another urine sample, and that's when we find out if we are being referred back out to her pediatric urologist at Children's. We have been on pins and needles. The anticipation today has been on a high level and we have been surprisingly optimistic. We know no matter the outcome it will be the Lord's will. I have no doubt that he knows what is best for her and will grant the doctors knowledge to see it through.

Lilly has been doing awesome today. She was a little tired...overall, she was coming back around to her old self again:) I think someone got a little spoiled in the hospital. The nurses on our floor were wonderful and I think it helps ease the atmosphere when Barry works with most of them. Well, they were bringing her Popsicles in her room at 2 Popsicles were abundant during her stay. They were also really sweet and patient about her anxiety. She would get scared and start to panic over having her blood pressure checked or temperature. In Lilly's little mind doctors/nurses= Caths/IVs. So the ladies there were just a blessing to us. So today she had some pouting times wanting her way. I admit..we babied her maybe a little too much. When she got in trouble today she informed me she wanted to go back to the hospital:) Ah, you have got to love the toddler Oh, during her stay we had plenty of home school time. So my parents got her this cute little chalkboard with chalk. Yesterday, we decided to work on our letters...she now has A & M down now.

Lastly, does anyone know of any great websites for study Bibles? Is there a particular one that you enjoy? My Bible was ruined by water damage and I have a KJV women's devotional Bible..but, that seems to have vanished into thin air. It was laying next to my bedside(I like to study before bed) and it just vanished(I have a feeling that someone has hid it from me.) I have searched everywhere for it. So now I have been using Barry's. Which is wonderful..but, I would like to have my own. I like to highlight areas that really lay on my heart. So now I am in the market for a new study Bible..if anyone has any suggestions..please, comment or drop me a message.


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