Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doots had an unexpected hospital stay..

Sorry for no posts. Doots has been sick and had a hospital stay. She got sick 4:30 AM Saturday morning. She was running a fever of 104 off/on all weekend, complaining her tummy hurt, and throwing up. After talking with the on call nurses all weekend, going to the peds office on Monday..they decided to admit her. She has/had a bladder infection. Due to her bladder deformities it is a whole different ball game for her.

So now we are finally home. It was a unexpected blessing to be released today. I was overjoyed when the pediatrician gave the okay. So here's the situation in a nut shell...Doots did/does have a bladder infection. It was not a strong one..but, she still had one. She is very well hydrated now and has urinated four times today already:) She has two cultures that will be back Thursday. They really seen no point in keeping her until then if she was only running 103 temps now, well hydrated, and urinating. She will be on a antibiotic for nine days for the infection she currently has...we are to stop giving her..her regular medication until then.

Surgery? They can't give us a definite no. While we were feeling more confident today..she is not totally out of the woods yet(last night we were feeling it was a definite.) It's up to her pediatric urologist and honestly we don't know. We know he has been leaning toward it. I know he thought last year's infection was not that significant. The only thing we worry about is her having another infection in general. So this can go either way and now we are prepared for any outcome. Right now we are just going to keep praying and thinking optimistic. Even if she has to have surgery...this should correct if for the rest of her life and be her last one. Also, she is still young and we are hoping she will not remember it and we will not panic over worrying about each little fever. In the end we know that we will make the best decision for her health and we will just cross that bridge when we get there. We will know more Thursday when she has her follow up appointment with her pediatrician.

So how did Doots lock down an entire second floor? Well, they have these bracelets that they put on children and infants now. If they get remotely near an elevator or the bracelet comes off the whole floor goes on lock down. They do a code Adam. The alarms sound, elevators do not work, and no one can come/go. Earlier today I was having bad contractions. I honestly thought I was going into labor and had to call Barry. He told me to lay down on the couch in our room and see if they would go away. I figured I would give it a try. I have been under a lot of stress, obviously, and only one hour of sleep in two days. So Lilly was in bed on the laptop playing nickjr. I was right next to her on the couch watching TV. I dozed off on accident. When I woke up alarms were going off and then nurses come running through our door. I knew she hated wearing that bracelet..she decided since my eyes were closed she would rip off her bracelet and hide it. When she did this it showed up as someone took her and so they came running to the room to make sure she was still there. So no one could use the elevators, come/go, and alarms were just going off everywhere. They could only turn them off by finding the bracelet and Doots hid it. They begged her to tell them where and she would just giggle. They finally found it shoved somewhere in the bed..then realized that she also tore it up. I kept apologizing, it was my fault, I should have never dozed off. I was just exhausted. Barry was on call this weekend and still had to work this week. We were trying to save his PTO for when Emma is born. After this we may have to use it if Doots has to have surgery. It's a whole different situation. It may happen when I am too close to my due date to travel(she would have to go back to Children's hospital nearly 3 1/2 to 4 hrs away.) I would not be able to go and they will have to go alone. That would make me go insane at the very least. I have never been away from Lilly while she is sick and I have never been away from either one of them longer than a night.

I will try to explain Lilly's bladder deformities again. It will give you some more incite on why bladder infections/UTIs are bad for her. I will also try to explain what bladder Reconstruction surgery means for her. Basically....The doctor explained it to us this past Winter. From what we understand he would have to literally move a ureter to another location and reconstruct everything from there where the muscle would be stronger. This means no more reflux(Doots has two ureters on one kidney...normal kidneys have one and she also has extra tissue on this same kidney that produces urine. It was suppose to be a third kidney..so that makes her 1/2 duplicated system. She was also born with a ureterocele that was corrected with surgery at age 1. The surgery left her with bladder reflux.) Normally a child would not have to have surgery for reflux, unless it was an extreme case. Doots had a ureterocele that was corrected with surgery(This better explains what a cele is...http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vZW1lZGljaW5lLm1lZHNjYXBlLmNvbS9hcnRpY2xlLzQ1MTEwNS1vdmVydmlldw==) So that means during the time that her muscle was forming and getting stronger, in the womb/after, hers was unable to do so. The cele blocked that from happening. So that is why she is not growing out of it.

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