Saturday, June 13, 2009

Super why party....

This was the freebie I received today in the mail:) All bran 1o.00 promise pack. Box of All bran, All bran fiber bar, fiber drink mix, and two 2.00 coupons. I have the link posted somewhere in my freebie posts. I tried researching the link again and all the ones I have found are dead. So this may very well be a dead offer.

Her prize from Bingo. Lilly picked out a Princess P mask:)

They let the kids open Super why toys to try out. Lilly got to be "Super Why"...she really loved this outfit.

We stopped by the front desk first for her birthday crown and balloon!
I am sure some of you remember me mentioning this week that Toys R us was having a Super why party today! Well, Lilly has been excited all week since finding out. Also, on this day she would be getting her crown, birthday balloon, and every birthday we have let her pick out a toy there. So this morning she was beyond excited.
We got there and go her crown/balloon first. Then we went to the party. I have to say we didn't have a very big turn out at our store. There was only four other children present. She got to listen to a story and play alphabet bingo. I have to say...none to my surprise...Doots is a natural at If you knew both sides of my family, both mother and father, you would know why I shouldn't have even second guessed her bingo playing abilities:) I think they come ingrained in our She won the first game and then the last. She was so excited when she first won. She kept saying to the other kids in a happy excited voice "I'm a winner!!" We later had a talk about good sportsmanship etiquette:)...even though she meant no harm. She got to pick out a prize and her first choice was stickers. On the last game, which was only three games, she decided she wanted a Princess P mask.
Afterwards, they let all the children pick one of each item off the table and then let them open Super why toys. Lilly got picked for the Super why outfit and had a lot of fun playing with it. After we picked someone to share with...we decided it was time to look for her birthday toy. We immediately went to the Super why section to see the dolls they had on sale. They were sold out. So she couldn't decide between a Super why set, like the one she played with, or a Princess P one. Then she looked around at other things. I felt really sorry for her she was walking around she found a Thomas the tank train table. She decided to stop and play with another little girl. She was so excited and told me, after playing with the little girl for a Little while, "Mama..I play with my friend. Aww..your my friend." The little girl just looked at her and stated "I am NOT your friend." Then, when we arrived back at the same spot we left..the last Super why outfit was gone and decided that was the toy she wanted. She was upset about it and decided she wanted the Princess P outfit instead. I don't think Lilly's feelings got hurt from the earlier incident. She has a hard time grasping and understanding emotions sometimes. She still kept smiling at the little girl and then she says to her "I share with you" and handed her a toy train. She actually never stopped smiling or enjoying herself.
I would have pictures of the Princess P outfit..they will have to wait until tomorrow. We stopped by to get some Chinese take out for lunch. She loves the sweet and sour sauce. So you can guess where most of it went.

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You have such creative, fun ideas for your children's parties, In the photos, It looked like she was really enjoying her party, as were her guests!

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