Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sponge bob cake and freebies...

I Finished Doots' birthday cake tonight(her party is tomorrow.) I was going to buy one...but, after pricing them I decided I could make it a lot cheaper. I had a hard time deciding how to exactly design the cake and then it came out lump sided. So I had to make it look like I tried to make it that way and then while taking pictures of it..Doots smashed her hand into it on accident:) This cake was so hard to keep whole. I kept having to redo things over and over again. I really wanted to write her name..but, I could not steady my hand enough. I have carpal tunnel in them..they shake a lot, lose grip, and hurt when I keep them curled too long. So I kept messing up the letters and having to scrap them off. I finally took the hint and gave just put her first initial. The important thing is Doots loves her cake and thinks it is really cool.

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Gwen said...

Happy Birthday Lilly! She looks so happy! Great job on the cake mom!!