Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our trip to the beach....

Doots and I building a sand castle. What did we learn today when we got home...The sunscreen Mama pick up in the clearance sale last year of the pirates of the Caribbean theme..yeah, it's not water poof! So Barry and Lilly are now a little burned.

Marking Emma-Kay's first "technical" trip to the beach.

Daddy and Doots making a big sand castle.

View from my lonely chair. I loved watching this sail boat go across the horizon. Due to me being so was hard for me to walk on the sand and even stay anchored in all the waves. I actually would just float..I am so bouyant like that Not to mention that my ankles are now TWICE their normal size. So I had to take periodic breaks in the chair.

Another view from my chair.

I love this picture of these two. Lilly took right to the water. She was like a fish and used all her practicing this week...put it to good use. She has no fear what so ever and just dove right into the water! She saw some people boogie boarding and really wanted to do it. She said they were Barry would take her a little ways and then let her ride the waves in on this little float. He was close behind her.

Looks can be decieving. This umbrella looks very innocent doesn't it? It's not! While I was resting under it in the chair it flew up and hit the people next to us. I was so embarassed and kept appologizing. It became cloudy so I just left it down. When the sun came out Barry tried putting it back up for I was in the beach playing with Lilly...I see him look pretty confident that he had it in the ground. Then a big gust of wind came up...ripped it out of the sand and it just rolled down the beach....Barry chasing after it. I kid you not about 10 separate people were laughing at poor Barry. I hate to admit it...but, Lilly and I counted as twelve:) It was something you would see out of the movies.

I thought this was a cute picture:) Barry and Lilly always take such good pictures!!!

I can not believe I actually got this picture as the dolphin went through the ring!

Waiting for the dolphin show to start.

Daddy and Doots..I love this picture!

Doots and big Emma belly:)

This is my FAVORITE picture of the Doots!!! I am getting this one blown up tomorrow and giving it as a gift to her grandparents.

Petting pool.

For this show we did not realize we were in the splash zone until it was too, it was fun and nice to have some cool water rain down on us. Unfortunately, we found out when I had our camera out:)

This sea lion was such a sport..he was so funny and the star of the show.

This was so neat...the dolphin could paint:)

Lilly was so excited to see the penguins. She thought this one was Skipper from one of her favorite cartoons.

I can't to put my feet up yet:( My father in law was nice enough to give us a whole bushel of peas from his crop this year...8 pds to be exact!!! Every year we try selling them to everyone we know and Barry sold quite a few bags at work. So Barry's dad was such a blessing to us and gave us a bag. We LOVE his peas! They are soooo good. So I still have to blanch and put them up tonight or else they will spoil...Barry will be helping me.Then it's time for me to put my feet up and read a little!!! My ankles are now twice their original did so much walking today. I have a feeling we will ALL sleep so good tonight. Ah, tomorrow I can not wait to have fresh peas, jiffy corn bread muffins, and sliced tomatoes!!! It's always been my favorite meal.

This was the ride home. We stopped at the beach and got ice cream before we left:) She was so pooped out.

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