Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lilly-Rose's 4 year old pictures...

We had Lilly-Rose's 4 year old pictures made yesterday at Olan mills. I highly recommend the super save plan..which is now the grow with me plan. You can get the plan for about 20.00. This year's plan has some coupons that come with it. One coupon includes a sitting with 1.99 pages!!! The regular price is 4.99 a sheet.
Can you tell she is at that age where she has that "fake monkey" smile?
The doll that you see her holding is an original Raggedy Ann doll and it's over 50 years old! It was my Mom's doll when she was little and she gave it to Lilly the day she was born. I have always wanted their photo taken together and had my wish granted yesterday. So if I have any family's a secret. She has no clue I did this and when it comes in I plan on framing it for her:)

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