Monday, June 29, 2009


  • FREE copy of Tortured for Christ I actually bought a copy of this book online years ago..actually when I first was saved. It is a great read for anyone!! If you already have a copy...grab another and hand out to a friend. Also, this will sign you up for Voices of Martyrs magazine. If you have not read this will look forward to every issue. It's a great way to pray for others as they do Christ's work. It says your book will arrive in 2-3 wks. You can also fill in addresses for friends and family to receive a copy as well.
  • FREE sample of Aquaphor will have to copy and paste link to get the question mark in it. Now this stuff works great! I highly recommend if you have a little one with eczema to try this out on the sample would be great for this. Lilly was diagnosed with it when she was under one year of age. She started getting this red places behind her knees, bottom, and elbows. I had no idea what it was and her pediatrician said it was eczema. So she was put on elidel. Now usually we only have to use the cream during the summer..that is when it seems to be the worst..but, I actually had a sample of this when she diagnosed and this works great for eczema too. I have heard that elidel thins the skin..I have not verified that with a pediatrician..but, I just don't like all the steroids that are in it.
  • Wow! 1000 FREE Mp3s
  • FREE sweet potato leaflets. All you have to do is email and add the subject line "sweet potato leaflet" ad in the body of the email include name/address/number of copies.
  • You can listen to Michael Jackson songs for free
  • FREE sample of drinkable supplements This maybe a dead the question slot..put asking for free sample and name of product you would like to try from the "product name" box.
  • FREE foldable water bowl from Cloud star. You do have to be a facebook member. You will click this link, become a fan(which is located right above their name), and then send an email to for your free bowl.
  • FREE calcium supplement trial kit
  • FREE polishing cloths Per site "Thank you for your interest in free polishing cloths. We will ship your free gift out in the next 7-10 business days. Supplies are limited. If we are unable to fulfill your request we will notify you by email. Again, thank you for your interest."

That's all the freebies:)

I would like to do a praise report. I think I may have mentioned on here that my Dad was having trouble with is fistula in his arm...they use this for dialysis. They were thinking that they may have to actually go in and replace it...put a chest port in until his arm could heal again. We have been praying against this. The last time he had a chest port he caught a nasty infection and got very sick. They really don't recommend having a chest port for long periods of time. 1. Due to risk of infection that can go straight to your heart. 2. They are very easily torn from the chest and you bleed to death. My Dad had to have immediate surgery when it came undone once. He had the weeping arm and so there wasn't another option to the chest port.

Well, he went in today and they were able to totally unblock his current NO surgery!!! Lilly has been talking to him all day on her pretend cell phone:) She says that PawPaw is her best I am glad that this will not keep him down. His energy seems to be coming back a bit. He was even somewhat able to play hide and seek for the first time with Lilly last week:)

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