Monday, June 15, 2009


We got these for free today. One of Dh's co-workers was nice enough to share some things out of his garden with us this year. Last year he shared the BEST canned dill pickles with us. I have to say they ran a tight race with my Daddy's:)
Well, we forgot to spray our trees and lay out stakes in the ground this year for our apple trees. I was wondering what was getting to them and today I found out...WORMS! I was heart broken over all our crop being ruined. Lilly was equally disappointed and now says she doesn't like got her apples. I was really looking forward to canning them this year.

This is what our poor apples looked like:( Ach, we are sick over it. At least we can buy some at the farmer's market and this year there is an abundance of farmer's markets in our area. There are three that I am aware of that go on right now. I use to only go to the one at the end of our street and our neighbors were suppose to start a roadside stand..I was pretty excited about the prospect of just crossing the street:) They are now selling their it's a no go. On a better note my cousin Sarah has a fig tree and will be bringing my mom plenty of figs for everyone. I LOVE figs!!! My Aunt Mae made the BEST BEST BEST fig tarts in this world. My Mother in law makes fig tarts too and they remind me so much of Aunt Mae's!! They made some for me when they found out that I loved them and they can really can some figs(her and my father in law can things every year)...I still have a jar left over. They also make these cool pickles with red hots in them. If anyone is interested in the me and I will ask for it. So my mom said she would give me all the ingredients if I would just can them for everyone. So I have to look into getting me a canning boiler this year. My last one needed to be thrown away and it wasn't a "real" canning boiler it was something made into a canning boiler. Out of my family my dad and I are the only ones that know how to can and he has not been able to in years. But, he taught me everything he knows by walking me through my first time over the phone:) The rest I learned by checking out library books and looking at websites. NEVER under estimate yourselves ladies. You would be surprised at what you can do when you are really passionate about learning.

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