Friday, June 5, 2009


I got these freebies yesterday. There is a sample of a carb drink mix, Zyrtec, and Ziploc steam bag.

Lilly was so excited today when she heard the Fedex truck. She has gotten to where she will listen out for the Fedex and mail That's a true sign of a child that has a freebie loving Mama:) When she saw the round tube she kept asking "What is it? What is it?" When I brought out her surprise...a pony poster..she was so thrilled!
She decided she would like for it to go over her bed:)

Well, this week has been pretty great! I had my three hour fasting test yesterday. I mentioned that last week I failed and my doctor said I would be gestational diabetic through out this pregnancy as well. He put me on a diabetic diet and I was advised to start checking my glucose levels and keeping track of everything. I prayed about it all week and PASSED yesterday!!!!! My doctor did not even expect that I would pass it! Given my past history with Lilly's was just assumed I would be diabetic again. My levels were still kind of on the high side. So they consider me as borderline diabetic. Basically, I am to keep watch of what I eat and check my levels every once in a while. I was so happy leaving the doctors office. So I will still keep posting some recipes and meal ideas:) I look them up for my parents.
After my fasting Barry had arranged for me to have a 4D ultrasound done. I did get some footage..but, Emma-Kay kept having her little arm right on her face. I haven't downloaded my footage yet. When I do I will see if any came out to post to youtube. We did get to see her little fingers and her face from the nose down:) So the tech said that she was on call this weekend and she will try again then. Oh, apparently I am further along than originally thought. They originally said she was due August 24..then the first beginning of they are saying she is due the beginning of August. She is already measuring right at 30 wks!!! She weighs a whole whopping 2 lbs. Guesstimated weight is in the 7 lbs range. Which Lilly was 7 lbs 3 oz.

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Thanks for the freebies!

Also, here is a quicker link to the poster

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