Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Freebies in the mail this week, vacuum review, and freebies....

These are the free samples I got this week. I also received the free fishing guide and we misplaced it. So there are samples of sunblock and Aveeno shampoo/conditioner. Also, Lilly's birthday card came in from Toys R us. In it was a 3.00 gift card for anything over 3.00 and we take her to the desk every year for a free balloon/crown/name announced over the speaker at the local store.
If you are a Super why fan they will be having a Super why play day this Saturday, June 13th, from 12-2! The paper said they will have Free masks, alphabet bingo, coloring fun, and more. The Super why dolls are also on sale for 6.39..so if you got the 3.00 gift card they would be 3.39:) Nice little treat for your little one.

This is our new vacuum. Our old vacuum finally kicked the bucket on us and we decided to buy a new one at Walmart. I believe this one was under 50.00. Lilly fell right in love with it since it is green. She has showed everyone that has come to our house..our new vacuum..lol. I have a bear cover that put over it so I can leave it in the living room. When someone comes over she will take them straight to the vacuum and say "This not bear..this green vacuum...green vacuum come from Walmart." I really like that it is very light weight, easy to fit everywhere you vacuum, small...so it's very easy to store, and I think the color green is pretty on it:) My peeves about it? Just one really. The hose comes off on the side that leads into the vacuum. You are suppose to be able to undo it to vacuum the furniture and such...well, the hose comes off all the time. Usually you will not know and so it blows things back onto the floor. That makes vacuuming that much longer. So I thought of seeing if we can put some tape or something on it. MODEL: EUREKA/THE BOSS POWER PLUS.


That's all the freebies for tonight:) I better get some rest tonight. I have already finished up most of my chores for tomorrow. Lilly and I have a home school field trip planned for the art museum..followed by ice creams!

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