Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Diabetic lunch ideas....

I was taking a photo of my lunch and Lilly insisted I take one of hers:) They had a sell this week on lunchables and she loves those little things. So I bought some up as a treat for during the week.
My lunch today:)

Since I now have gestational diabetes for the remainder of my pregnancy(also, since both my parents are diabetic)...I thought it would be nice to do some diabetic friendly breakfast, lunch, and supper ideas.
Today's lunch was a turkey breast sandwich on wholewheat bread, cheese was on the sandwich, three strawberries, and 1/2 sweet n low packet. I will break it down by carbs and sugars for you. Please, keep in mind if you are GD or regular diabetic..you have to be very careful with carbs.
Whole wheat bread: 1 slice has 10g carbs, 1g sugar...compared to white wheat(which both Barry and Lilly prefer) it has per 2 slices 22g carbs, 2g sugar.
Turkey breast sandwich meat: 2 oz has 2g cabs, 1g sugar. I did not use nearly that much. It is shaved and I only used two small slices.
Cheese: 1 slice has 2g carbs, 1g sugar.
Condiments: mustard...has nothing. Mayo...has nothing. Please, use in moderation.
Sweet N Low: 1 packet has less than 1g of each..I used a half of a packet.
Strawberries: From what I have looked up they have 11g carbs per cup and cup of them have 8g sugar(well, natural sugar.) I had three strawberries and they came no where near a cup. So I am really unsure of the figure on that one.
The reason why I splurged on two slices of bread Vs. my normal one or having strawberries was my sugar was running really well before lunch today. So I could take the few extra carbs. I would not have did that if it was running as it was this morning. After fasting and before breakfast I was still over 100. I check before each meal to get a better feel of where I need to lay off. If it would have been high before lunch...I would have opted for a sugar free jello. It has no sugar and no carbs.
From the research I have done online(I accidentally lost my workbook from being pregnant with Lilly and took a GD class then) the average ratio of carbs per meal is around 45 to 60. You can also allow yourself 15 to 30 carbs per snack. I remember from class that three snacks a day for a diabetic is healthy. It keeps your sugar levels running smoothly and they are needed. So you could have one in between each meal and directly before bed. The average daily total of carbs should be around 200 in all. Also, I learned from my OBGYN just this past week that if I am out and can not reach a good healthy lunch...you can substitute with things that are around you and still be fine. For instance the day I found out my sugar was running 180 and I still had not ate lunch yet. Since Lilly had been at the doctor's office with me ALL day and I had promised her a treat to McDonalds. He told me that I could still have something from there and to only get a happy meal w/diet drink or water. It's also about portion control.
If you are diabetic it is a great idea to drink plenty of water too! The reason why is glucose is removed from our bodies through urine. Also, it works diluting the blood so they can go back down to normal. This is also why thirst is a symptom of diabetes..your body is sending signals to the brain to reduce those sugar levels. So my drink of choice now is always water. I do have a diet root AW root beer(Barqs has caffeine...I can't have it due to heart palpitations) or non-sweetened tea...I just use sweet n low with it. You can also have Crystal light. Be careful some of those have caffeine as well. Sometimes with breakfast and a bedtime snack I have 1 cup of fat free milk. I have heard diary helps really well with glucose levels..Please, don't quote me I have not researched this.
Lastly, I just wanted to add to beware of "sugar free" sweets and such. Often they are LOADED with tons of carbs!!! I have discovered this during my last pregnancy. Make sure you watch out for those hidden carbs and alcohol sugars.

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