Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach trip and freebies!

**This is a picture that was done of Doots and I today. I can not believe how big Emma-Kay is getting. She is due the beginning of August now(this is my third due date change.) I honestly feel like she will be a July baby. That's my gut and I could be wrong. Doots wanted to include Emma in the picture and this was the only way I could think of:) She decided to kiss Em in the picture. She is going to be a wonderful big sister. She is so excited and all this week she has been crying for Emma to come out.**

Well, tomorrow is our big trip to the beach. Every year we try to take Doots for her birthday just for the day. This year we were hoping to stay the night...unfortunately the hotels were awfully expensive. I tried checking every discount site there is out there. So we decided we would take the day at the beach and use a little extra budget to make it comfortable. Today we went to the dollar tree to buy things like: snacks, juice, water, floats, sand bucket, shovels, goggles, and such. Lilly is now not afraid to dive under water..she has been practicing in the bath tub and her little pool outside:) She requested some goggles that wouldn't let water up her nose.

After the dollar tree we went to walmart for some lunch meat for our picnic, little Debbie snack cakes, and a beach umbrella. Barry insisted I have a beach umbrella this year since I am pregnant and it's so hot down here. Our heat index has been reaching 107 and there have been two heat related deaths that I know of. So we got the one that let's out 7.5 ft for 25.00. I know that is quite expensive..but, it's a great investment. We can take it swimming in the future, set it out when Lilly plays outside, or even over her swimming pool. Then I seen they had matching shirts. Lilly and I went crazy wanting matching picture up top shows our shirts:) She wanted pink..but, we had to go with red since I could not find anymore in my size. We got these at Walmart for 3.00 each!! What a deal...they also come in about four other colors. Barry decided he wants to wear his father's day shirt tomorrow and he really didn't like the look of the shirts.

So here comes my next dilemma. Swimming and being modest. For Doots she is still young and I do pick a modest one piece for her. For me I do prefer to swim fully clothed and I do prefer culottes with a shirt. The last time we were at the beach I wore my jean skirt and a modest tank top. It ended up being way to hot and was very weighted. I do own one pair of culottes..but, I am too big for them right now(btw..those are running quite expensive online..I found these at the thrift store and have not run across another pair to yet.) So my only other frugal option for tomorrow was to take some 1.00 maternity pants I found at the thrift store and cut them So that's what I will be wearing. I did manage to pick up a swim suite a few weeks back. I thought it was pretty modest with bottoms and a tank like top with it. I was never planning on wearing it out in public..just outside out of sight to Lilly's swimming pool. Well, I brought it home and tried it on. I got the biggest size possibly available and I still managed to look like one giant grape! I looked like a grape with reasonable sized arms/legs sticking out. So purple is NOT my pregnancy

So we have the truck packed tonight. Tomorrow we will leave out for Destin early in the morning. We plan to go to the gulfarium, take a walk/picnic in Seaside(that's where the Truman show was filmed with Jim Carrey), find a nice beach to play at for a little while, and for supper Barry promised me something special...a whataburger! I love those burgers and I don't get them often. It's been years since I have had one. This will be Lilly's first:) I remember my parents taking me there when I was little when we lived in Pensacola. I also have some fond memories of spending the afternoons after school with my dear friend Heather...we would go to play in the water and build sandcastles. I am so glad Lilly will get to experience that..maybe not as often as I did..but, we don't live extremely close to the beach:) But, she does have a nice pool with a sand box. So I will post pictures tomorrow night.

Oh, I got my juicy juice water bottle through mail today...VERY NICE! I also got a science DVD on your memory.


Helpful tip: Download google tool bar. I only search through google, the bookmarks are easy to access, and it has auto fill! So this makes my freebie experience super easy guys!!

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Unknown said...

ahhhh I love the pic of you and Doots, that is frame worthy. I wanna come to the beach !! Sorry but I about fell out of my chair when I read the part about the big giant grape with normal sized arms and legs rofl.. Ok that was funny.. I can totally empathize with you , but it is still funny... Ya'll have fun. I am guessing end of July and my oldest said July 30 that is his birthday lol so have Emma then..