Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Youtube reviews...

I will try to do these once or twice a month. I find so many interesting channels every week. If you have not checked out my youtube page you can do so at: One day I do plan on doing some type of videos..right now I am focused on getting up some great subscriptions. So take a look threw them. Ignore any for my favorite TV I tend to only watch shows online. So this week here are my top favorites that are fairly new to me:
  • ..I guess I really like her channel because her recipes look so yummy and easy. She also comes up with some great combinations that I would have never thought of(like the pineapple cherry sweet treat.) Most recipes are the kind I grew up with here in the South. My Aunt Betty always brings me recipe books that are similar to her recipes.
  • ..This one is fairly new..but, I really enjoyed the videos she has done so far. I also took a look at her website (www.frugalmenumamas) and it really is a great site. I would love to do the meal co-op she is doing. We don't have those here..but, I have heard of them and they sound wonderful. This would be a great channel just to cook in bulk and freeze ahead.
  • ...I have not had a chance to go through all their videos. I have watched a couple on the garden and how to make some yummy garlic bread sticks. So I am looking forward to getting to watch more.
  • ..I am not new to this channel. But, I love it!! Ms. Clara is such a blessing and I have really enjoyed all her videos. Lilly has actually watched them all with me and is a fan too!
  • ..This one kind of adds to the food storage information I have been gathering. I have looked at their site for prices on their goods and they are pretty reasonable on some. They actually do the whole meal with their products and incorporate food storage into everyday life. I am on the fence as to if I will purchase some of my storage from them. But, the food looks absolutely delicious that they cook and I love their shelves!
  • ..I am also not new to this channel. But, I love her videos and her website is wonderful!!!

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