Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whew it's hot here....

This is where I would like to be:)(This is Doots and I on her second birthday at the beach.) Our house is so hot and we are all miserable. Our central air and heat unit went on the fritz about two weeks ago. Our repairman came and said that it had to be fully not working for him to know what was the issue. Of course it started working again when he arrived..lol. He put more Freon in the unit and it's been fine for a couple of weeks. Now it's on the fritz again since Saturday. We have had no a/c since Saturday!!! Monday another repairman came out and said that it was the Freon valve. The part needed to be ordered from somewhere three hours away. So it's basically a waiting game for when it comes in the mail. They are thinking Wednesday.

How in the world did we do it? I never had an air conditioner growing up. We finally got one when I was about 11 and then we moved. So it was off and A/C from that point on..most times not having one. We always lived out in the country...so we could keep our windows up and screen door open. We just can not do that here in town. We do keep them open until we go to bed. We try running ceiling fans and a rotating fan. It's still really humid here. I can not believe how spoiled we have become. Poor Lilly just lounges half on the love seat and half off..she is really miserable and doesn't really want to play all that much. She told us Monday.."Pool PEAS!!!!" So we knew it was just too hot in the house. We decided to visit Barry's parents until about 8 and things could cool down. I guess I am extra sensitive sense I am pregnant. During the summer we always use the unit...fall/spring we leave the windows up to save money during the day. I guess we are just not use to all this heat. Praise the Lord it is not mid-summer...whew..I could not imagine almost 100 degree temps in this house!!!!

Funny stories today...well, they are funny NOW. Lilly was lifting the screen at the living room window picking leaves off a bush. She was having fun and examining them..so I let her continue with her fun. Then she pushes Mickey out the window. I was on the phone at the time and saw her laughing...she is pointing outside saying "Silly Mickey!" I had to chase him down in the bushes to get him back inside. So I talk to her about why Mickey should not go outside....she then says "Mickey wanted to play on swings Mama." So she tells me that Mickey wanted to play on her swing set. The poor cat was scared senseless in those bushes..lol. Then Barry gets home and he had a horrible day at work. Bless his heart he was so tired and was telling me about his day. I walked into the living room for a second and Lilly asked could she have a juice. I told her that was fine...she goes to the kitchen. She comes streaking back through the house and I notice something on her lips. After chasing her down I realize that she has been into the food coloring. She is green from head to toe. I immediately put her in the tub and started scrubbing..lol. It did come out and the main parts on her stomach are very faint. I thought for sure she would have to go to school tomorrow green:) Never a dull moment with that Doots.

Oh, she will also be going to her first vacation Bible school this summer. She is so excited and I am too. That was the highlight of my summer vacations as a child. Back then we went two weeks and the full day....they now go a week and 1/2 the day. I LOVED LOVED LOVED going. I still remember our Pastor's wife was determined that any child that wanted to go would indeed have a ride. She was such a sweet woman. So here we are mid 80's, mid-summer/very hot, and a car packed full of kids. They had a car that was huge. She would line all us kids standing up in the seats and some even in the floor boards..lol. Back then your parent's arm was your seat belt. I bet she could fit 15 kids in that car. So she would pick us up and take us home. Lilly is starting to show more of an interest in the Lord now. She has always loved Sunday school...so I know she is really going to enjoy VBS.

There are some things I got in the mail the past two weeks. I have been meaning to take a photo. My batteries have died and I can not locate the charger.

  • Better than ears sample.
  • Parent's choice formula.
  • Little bottle of caress.
  • Crest white strip sample.
  • Scrubbing bubbles caddy for the shower....this one is really big!
  • Cooking with stock recipe booklet.
  • Organic cooking recipe booklet.

There are probably others that have escaped me right now:)

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