Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tip for last day of Preschool or regular school in general.

I was thinking today of a great way to see school through Lilly's eyes. I don't always get the full story of her day due to language delay..but, I do get bits and pieces. I would love to know her favorite things of the day, friends, teachers, and such. So I thought up something great for her to do on her last day. I thought these pictures will also comfort her during her adjustment when school is out for summer break until August. So my plan is to buy two disposable cameras and send them to school with her on her last day. I am going to let her take pictures of anything she wants and maybe she will pass the camera around to friends...I can get some pictures of her as well. I think it will be something neat to add to her baby book or her journal I keep for her. She can look back in 20 years and see her life, as she seen it, at three years old. I am also wanting a picture of her and her teacher for her baby book.

I had a really cute bear with sunflowers as clip art today. Of course blogger is on the fritz. So if you are interested in pretty clip art http://akidsheart.com/holidays/tbearday/tbearclips1.html.

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