Saturday, May 2, 2009


Look what is coming in!!! We have two apple trees and one is already loaded down! I guess I don't have too long to get up my canning supplies this year. I am wanting to can some stewed apples, apple sauce, and apple butter. Now I am not a big fan of my apple butter and actually think I get it too soupy. I have a cousin who loves it!!! Go figure:) So I thought I would surprise her with a couple of jars and I am going to try a new recipe this year. I also have a old friend from church who wants to come pick this that should be a lot of fun. She is a really sweet lady.

Well, I came in 15.00 under budget this week on groceries. So what to do with our savings? We were planning on buying Lilly-Rose one of those hard plastic pools with the slides built in at Walmart. Then we looked at the vinyl siding ones today and really liked them. Not only are they only 15.00...they are also easier to store every year. You just roll it up and put it back in it's box. We have bought her an inflatable pool before and it ended up getting holes in the bottom of it. Grass grew threw it!!! We forgot to store it against the wall.
She insisted on having a float in case she went under the I picked her up a few Strawberry shortcake floats last year during clearance for .25 each.

As you can tell she had a blast!

The initial shock of the water:)

I was able to catch a few yard sales Friday and Saturday. When Barry and I originally talked about what I wanted for Mother's day..I thought of just spending the day together and renewing one of my magazine subscriptions. He surprised me early and told me that I could hit some yard sales with a little extra budget:) So I bought this rug for 5.00 for Lilly-Rose's room.
I got these cute little dresses for Emma-Kay. They were only 2.00 per set and even had the bloomers. I actually got another set..that will be her coming home outfit and that little dress is soooo CUTE!!! Unfortunately, my batteries died in my camera and I was unable to take a photo of them. I also got two cute little outfits for Doots.

Our old high chair was falling apart and had really been through the mill with Doots. Barry just said...get rid of it and let's get a new one!! So I found this one at a yard sale for 10.00. It's almost like new!I got a new wreath for the door. I know it was a splurge of 5.00...but, we the one we have now has been used for the past four years. So we typically hang on to the wreath for quite some time. So overall I feel it was a good investment. The plus side has hardly any flowers on it that will fade with the sun.

I collect butter print or Amish print..Pyrex dishes. I love this pattern and have been collecting for a little over a year now. I don't really have enough money to expand my I usually buy one piece at a time. It's actually better that way. The anticipation of maybe getting a new piece...I find I appreciate them a lot more. So right now it's a small collection and usually I buy on Ebay.

Well, I went to a yard sale that had a ton of old casserole dishes, refrigerator dishes, Tupperware, and so much more!!! It's one of those days you wish you were a Most millionaires would buy cars, boats, and houses...Barry and I would have the finest Tupperware, casserole dishes, and tea cups:) I bought a Tupperware cereal holder for 1.00 and a casserole dish for 2.00. As I was walking away the gentleman who was running the yard sale was talking to me about Tupperware and the dishes. I told him what I collected and glanced out of the corner of my eye to find....A BUTTER PRINT PYREX CASSEROLE DISH!!! I could have fell out. This is my first casserole dish for my collection. All I paid was 5.00 and I have seen them easily go for 25.00 on Ebay!!! Even Barry was excited when he seen I found a new piece for my collection:)

Of course everyone probably knows my unhealthy obsession with smocked dresses. I got Lilly two new ones. They did end up being a little big. So she will be wearing them come winter. She needs a blue dress or shirt for graduation this I was hoping one of these would fit her already.

I also joined the Hillbillyhousewife forum and I love it so far!!! I am going to spend the next couple of days getting familiar with everything and then do a post, Monday or Tuesday, on all the features. I will also have links up in the side bar in case anyone else would love to join!!! I really wish I would have joined before I went grocery shopping this week.
Also I thought I threw away some coupons I had for Winn Dixie. I was so upset. One coupon was for a FREE 25.00 gift card for transferring a new prescription or having a new one in general. I knew I would need my thyroid medication called back in with refills before my diabetes test this month. Unless I physically had that coupon in my hand...I could not get the card. I looked online for a printable coupon, in their flyer...which they do have 10.00 coupon for just transferable one, and I called two different locations. I was so sick over that...just knowing I would have saved 35.00 this go around. I would have had the 25.00 gift card and 10.00 coupon for any purchase over 50.00!!! Well, I found the coupons last night when I cleaned off the So I can still do the gift card and the other coupon will expire before Barry's next pay day.
Well, better go put supper on. We decided to have Butter beans, boiled ham, and good old fashioned corn bread...of course sweet tea. That is my new craving now. Cold iced sweet tea ALL the time!

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CraftyMomma said... did find some good deals! I love anything smocked too! :)