Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's day and Food storage....

Sorry for the lateness:) I know I was suppose to have done a post on food storage by now. We have been busy preparing for Mother's day. So Friday I went out to purchase the supplies for gifts for my mom, my mother in law, and grand mother in law. The supplies was for Lilly's gift to them and I decided to do homemade pictures. I had Lilly-Rose sit down and draw what she thought each one looked like. Then I put "I love you Nana, Nanny, or Meemaw" for her to outline with a marker. She has gotten pretty good at this thanks to her Pre-K teacher:) I then ran off some copies of pictures of Lilly and bought picture frames to hold certificates. So we are attaching her photo to the drawing she made and framing it. It was really cute to see her make her photos. She also made one of me and her daddy. I was a big ball and she did mine in I do look like a big ball right now:) Her Daddy was long and she made sure he had a bald head. For her Nanny she made sure to include her dog precious in the picture(her great grandmother has a beautiful older pup who is like a child to her...sweetest dog you will ever meet.) I will post pictures late of all her master pieces.

I also got a gift she made at school. Oh, it is gorgeous and my first true mother's day gift made all by herself. It is a pictures of flowers in a vase, with the cutest poem, and the teacher then laminated it for them. I am so proud..mine is hanging on my cabinet in the kitchen. Oh, Lilly also learned how to say Happy Mother's day!!! Just hearing her say it was present enough. She even told her Daddy Happy Mother's

I have been doing some research on food storage. It been something that has always interested me and would love to try. I have been looking around the net for some great ideas and web sites. So here is what I have compiled....
For the best on youtube:
For sites I have found that these sites are a lot of help:

Now there are many many many many more wonderful sites out there. These are just a few I ran into off the links from other blogs that were linked to everyday food storage. There are so many amazing ladies out there and I was in awe of every single blog I read.

I admit in the past I did feel overwhelmed about starting a food storage plan. I just happened to run across everyday food storage on youtube and then visited the site. I loved how she was so encouraging...even encouraging small baby steps and she had some simple recipe cards you could start off with.

So my first step has been research. I am now comfortable enough to move to step two on Monday. That will be cleaning out my shelving units in our laundry room to prepare to make it my food storage pantry. Step three will begin on Friday when I go grocery shopping again(so at first it maybe 10, 15, or 20.00 where we can give in our budget to food storage.) My man point, when talking it over with Barry, was if we fell on hard times...we have a back up plan. Barry agreed and said it would make him sleep easier at night knowing that we have a stocked pantry for emergencies. Also, we both agreed that since we have been going to town less often can really see a difference in our budget. Think of the benefits if you don't have to go shopping that often. We are also considering renewing our Sam's club card to get better savings on some items in bulk. We know that their prices on wipes/diapers/some cat food/cat litter can not be beat. So it would benefit us in other areas in our household.

I also liked how everyone explained how they rotate their storage and the ideas about check lists left in your mark when you use something. I admit when I use to think of food storage...I did think of icky pre-packaged army style rations. We had to eat some once during a flood and they were growing up we had a lot of family in the army. During the summer months cousins would visit and they would always bring us food rations, canteens, things they put in their back packs, and all sorts of cool things. So I had a chance to taste a ration pack or two. I really never thought of the stock what you use and what your family will eat. Then incorporate some other items. I have already been doing a little of that...over the years I have incorporated powdered milk into our pantry. I usually use that for baking and cooking. Barry and I have never cared for the taste as a drink...but, when Lilly came along and was old enough to drink it..she loved it!

So as I start our food storage journey...I will keep you up to date on it and take lots of pictures. I hope you will go along for the ride with me and give me any advice or tips that work for you. I hope that all the links I have found will be helpful for you. If you find any that I have not listed...please email me or post them into the comments below. We can help each other.

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