Monday, May 4, 2009

Looking for an awesome club to join online? Why not make the most of your budget and have fun all at the same time!!!

WHO? the Hillbilly housewife club!!!
I recently decided to join the Hillbilly housewife club. I told you guys earlier that I would do a review today or here it is:)
First off...I really love the club so far and what it has to offer. I wanted a couple of days to be able to explore and get the feel of things before I made my review.
Here are a few features:
  • Forums: I really like the fact that it has an awesome forum feature. You find topics of discussion from cooking all the way to general conversation. I really look forward to getting to know some of the ladies on the forum and reading the posts.
  • You can read Susanne's blog.
  • They have different articles you can read. I really enjoyed the article they have on "Second hand living." She brought up a very good interesting point for books that I had forgotten about!!! Paperback swap!!! I have used the site before, a couple of years ago, and it was awesome. I think I quit using it..due to me hording all the books I tend to Let's face it...she mentioned vintage Pyrex in this article. She had me at Pyrex:)
  • RECIPES. Ladies the subscription every month is more than worth the recipes this site offers. Think of how much you can save monthly on frugal/healthy recipes. Plus, you get all these other benefits and you can talk to other ladies out there with the same interests you have!!! I read off Pizza pasta casserole and both...Barry and Lilly yelled..."Yes!!! We won't that!!!" So I guess I will be picking up the fixings on my next grocery trip. I actually wish I would have joined before this trip..think of how much I could have saved!!!!
  • Daily reflections. To me these were more like devotionals and I have really enjoyed going through reading some of them. I have to say my favorite one so far is "My Expectations come with their own eraser, so I can always make changes at will."
  • Monthly resource. This month it is a down loadable PDF called "How to get out of debt for good." I look forward to downloading this today and reading it.

So as you can see the club will offer you lots of frugal ideas and tips to save you money. I highly recommend joining. It will give you a chance to meet others, share your experiences, gain some knowledge, and let's face it..we can save money and have FUN all at the same time!!

If you would like to join click the link here:Visit you can click the link on the side bar..if you would like to join through me:) I will be putting it up today! When you click the link you will see all the information needed to join today:) I joined Friday and have not regretted it and look forward to using my time on the site to benefit my family...while having a little bit of fun as well:)

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