Friday, May 22, 2009

Lilly-Rose's graduation...

Sorry, I edited her K3 graduation certificate for privacy.

She did so good. We are so so so very proud of her.

Doots doing part of her dance.

It was so cute to see her sitting like this during most of the program:)

Barry and this is my Father in law Ira.

I love this picture of her smiling.

Is it just me or does the pupils on this little boy look

Me and the Doots.

Paw-Paw, Nana, and Doots...these are my parents.

These are the goody bags for the graduating classes. They mis-spelled Lilly' I knew I should have went with one L.

K3 cake.

This was my favorite picture of all!!!

Where they preformed and the stage.

Hiding behind Daddy.

Lilly-Rose after I curled her hair.

Trip to Chuck E Cheese's after Family day.

She was so excited about getting pizza today and all the games she could play:)

Doots on slide at Family day.

Doots at Family day.

Sorry for not posting any freebies. It has been very busy the past few days. We first went to Barry's parents for supper and ended up staying longer than expected. We got wrapped up in visiting:) I then had to run grab Lilly some disposable cameras for her last day of school(she did get to take all pictures and I am looking forward to getting them developed.)

Then it was time for Lilly's graduation. I ended up meeting my parents at dialysis to take them to my house. After I fixed everyone dad got very sick. His blood pressure was low after dialysis. After he ate he passed out on my couch! It really scared the daylights out of me. I have never had him pass out on me like that before. So I tried to wake him and my mom was helping me. I decided to try to find my glucose machine, to make sure it wasn't his blood sugar, and call 911. While my mom checked his sugar I talked to the operator. They had the paramedics come out. He was coming in and out at that point. They checked his blood pressure and decided he did not need to go to the hospital. Despite it all..he refused to miss Doots' graduation. He is very dedicated to her and he did go. My Dad's health is declining and by him being there for her graduation shows how much love he has for her. He was in a lot of pain Thursday night...his legs also cramp something awful after dialysis. Praise the Lord he is feeling better as of today.

Lilly did really really great during the program. We loved seeing her preform...she is so grown up now:) Here is a link to her video for graduation: The kids worked so hard on all their songs. They were absolutely adorable. I just can not believe she will be in K4 next year and turning 4 next month!! I just keep thinking where all the time went. Also, if you would like to see Lilly's reaction on meeting Chuck E Cheese you can view that here: I've been going camera happy this week:)

Today was family day at her school. The picnic and water slides got rained out. So they had a huge inflatable slide in the gym. Barry got the day we had a great time as a family. We decided afterwards to take Lilly to Chuck E Cheese. So she has had a lot of fun today.

I will try to post freebies in the morning. I am really tired right now. I cleaned out Lilly's room this evening and Barry put back up her big girl's bed(she was using a toddler bed for a little while.) I have company coming tomorrow and want to make sure the house is extra nice. So I still have more chores to do before bed.

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