Saturday, May 23, 2009


  • FREE big fish game download I think you have to buy the game "slotwords" to receive this as free.

  • FREE Down Home Healthy Cooking: Recipes and Tips for Healthy Cooking Per site "Your order will be shipped within the next 2 business days."

  • FREE sites for kids to check out over summer time (when I find things I like to post them here and it's kind of like a note for me to come back to later.) (Lilly has been going to this one for a over a year now and loves it!), (she loves this one too!), (this one seems to be her most favorite.), (I had to help her set up her account..but, she loves playing on this site), (haven't tried this one yet..but, Lilly did have their potty training items), (haven't tried this one yet), (I have heard a lot of great things about this site and we haven't gotten around to playing on it yet), (haven't played on yet), (haven't tried yet), (haven't tried yet), and

  • FREE gear lock from Buell..this is a printable you take inside the store This expires 6/30 and you have to sign up with them on site to receive.

  • FREE for educators...Lego smart kit Now this one does say, per site, "To be eligible to compete in the LEGO Smart Creativity Contest, you must be a teacher or employed in the education field." For homeschoolers I suggest checking other and put that you home school. Then give it a shot. I will be homeschooling over the summer and I have been steadily praying that Kindergarten I will be able to start to home school again. So I gave it a shot. It said my kit would soon be mailed out.

  • FREE magnet promoting breast exams Per site "DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING (AND I MEAN OVERWHELMING) PLEASE ALLOW 3-4 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING. WE'RE A PRETTY SMALL CREW HERE AT ******* CENTRAL!"(edited for modesty reasons.) I admit I will most likely not sport this around on our, my mom would love it for her car. So there you have it:)

  • FREE plant a tree You do have to sign up for free offers to accomplish this. So I admit...I did not follow through. I will just plant a nice little tree in our front yard over the summer. I planted strawberries for Lilly's arrival and I will plant something nice for Emma's.

  • FREE Dove samples Allow eight weeks and while supplies last. I love these self tanners. I have my Dad to thank for being able to tan so easily out in the sun. I did do the sun tanning beds when I was younger. A spot popped up on my knee and scared me doctor in turn also put fear in I have not been back to one. I also have melasma and any type of sun exposure brings that out worse. So I have turned to self tanners. Dove works great. Just have your husband help apply all over and let dry. I haven't had a problem with streaking. I have not tried it while pregnant..due to not knowing if its unhealthy for Emma. So I would encourage everyone to apply more sunscreen in the sun and no tanning beds..they are just as harmful and promote skin cancer just as much. I can not remember the young lady's name that recently passed away from skin cancer. She wanted to give her story so that it would save others. She went to tanning beds to make her skin look darker and to her "more healthy"..instead she ended up with skin cancer in her early 20s and died soon after diagnosis. I believe her last name was Olive and I was so amazed at the courage this young woman had.

  • FREE audio book download by David Plotz

  • FREE cones from Baskin Robbins. Per site "From July 13th – July 17th, Baskin-Robbins is giving all Do Something members free Soft Serve. That’s right, FREE! To get your free cone, become a Do Something member and just make sure you’re signed up for our e-blast (sign-up below). We’ll email you the coupon for free soft serve on July 13th." I wonder if I can get Lilly to eat their cone? She is hooked on snow cones now. I take her for one every so often here. I LOVE snow cones and have since I was a little girl. When I was little my family called me our "defroster" for our fridge and deep freeze. I would scrap all the ice off and eat it out of a cup. I would put kool aide on it and sometimes even pickle juice..for pickle slushies. Lilly is the same way and loves snow cones.

  • FREE poster from Carole Marsh when you join her fan club

  • FREE tote bag with samples. All you have to do is regester your baby at Target and you will receive this for free. You can regester at under the baby regestry. I did not do this one since I will not be having a baby shower. There are very few things that I like for little Emma-Kay and I know that everyone is struggling right now with the economy. Instead I am opting for a small get together at our home after she is born to celebrate her birth and it will give everyone a chance to meet her. Barry has been blessed to save up PTO for three weeks after her birth. So sometime in those three weeks we will have supper get together for everyone.

Well, that's all the freebies for today. I am so proud that we finally got Lilly's room clean. I still have to go through some toys to weed out. But, getting her twin bed back into her room was really great. Now I have the ever dreaded laundry room to finally get I am really wanting to clean my shelves off for my food storage journey I am about to start. I did manage to start small this past grocery shopping trip and have stored it in my regular pantry for now. I also have some baby items stored there that I need to go through. I am really wanting to clean out our home and have a yard sale soon. I think we could make a little extra for our beach trip next month.

Tonight we are having a great supper. We are having baked chicken, fresh corn(they were on sale at WinnDixie this go around), and Barry's dad grows a big garden every we have some small baby red potatoes he gave us. He gave us two fairly good size bags!!! We had them down at their house and they were so good. Lilly helped us shuck corn this afternoon and she couldn't hold out any longer. She ate a ear raw:) Now every five seconds she is asking us if it is done. I don't think I have seen her so excited about

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