Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Freebies, product of the week, and freebie received through mail.

First off products of the week!!! I have been loving the Mr. Clean frebreeze line. This week I washed down most of our walls and cabinets in our home...I still have a few to go. The magic eraser worked wonders!!! Lilly's room had some masterpieces on the wall:) I was able to get those off with no problems.

I actually got a free kitchen magic eraser with the cleaning solution and that was my first time using it. All other times I just used the regular eraser. It works really great and works great on the stove. To me it seems to be a little bit more tougher on stains.

We have always been happy with the mopping solution and we have been using it for about a year now. Cleans very well and leaves a very nice smell that lingers in the house. I think I have mentioned on here before I am a frebreeze So I recommend these this week...

Here's a link to some coupons for these products that you can print(**pictures do not link** I tried and failed I have received a free sample of the magic eraser before. I can not seem to remember the link. I looked and found this one... You do have to check your email and verify your address. Says allow eight weeks for delivery.


  1. Meanwhile, I got these through the mail as a freebie!! I will try to find the link and post. I thought these would make a great father's day gift for anyone that smokes a pipe.
  2. I know I was going to get all my freebies together for last month together for a photo. I have them scattered. So I decided when I locate all of them by next week..I will do a year in review of freebies that I have left over and have not used yet:)
  3. I am still working on my coupon blog..I will be posting all my finds very soon and I still have not gotten back with the other website about guest blogging yet. It keeps slipping my mind.
  4. As for everything else going on...I failed my glucose test. I am a little disappointed about it. But, I can still praise the Lord..both my parents are diabetic and I don't have to go through what they do on a daily basis. Mine can easily be controlled with diet and they have not been that fortunate. I had gestational diabetes with it wasn't a huge shock and I do know what to expect. I guess I was disappointed because my dad had been letting me use his meter and everything has been normal. So I go for the three hour test next week and I know I will fail that too. So I have already started to adjust my diet and my parents have provided me with more than enough supplies to check my sugar three times a day. It's only three months and so I am just focused on keeping Emma-Kay healthy. Lilly had no issues from me having it, her sugar was normal after birth, she did have just a little jaundice...which can be common with babies from GD pregnancies, and was not a big baby...she was 7.3 pds. So I will be finding some diabetic friendly recipes and trying them out..again:) I will post some of the afters on here and tell you what I think of each one.

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