Monday, May 4, 2009

FREEBIES for Monday!!!

Today has been stormy. I actually had to pick Lilly-Rose up early from school to beat a really bad storm moving in. The weather reports were of dime sized hail and 50 MPH winds!!! Praise the Lord it did not get that bad. I have never liked bad weather and I dislike even more having to go out in it:)
Lilly seemed unphased and was a little miffed that I arrived a half hour early to get her. But, I think I made up for it by letting her jump in all the mudd puddles she could find all the way to the truck:) Emma-Kay also seems to love the rain...she has been VERY VERY active today.
That's mostly it!! I hope you guys take the time to check out the Hillbilly Housewife club and the Ebooks they have to offer. If you decide to join my screen name on the forums is justanothermodestmom...hope to see some of you ladies there!!

  • FREE fruit iced tea from Arby's on May 6th!!! Just say "I'm parched. FruiTea Me!" There is a restriction of only one per visit and only at participating locations. I really hope they offer this one at mine!!!
  • POGO tokens!!!!! 50,000 and a club pogo member certificate!!! I did cancel my club account to sign up for the Hillbilly Housewife club..but, they still offer FREE games and my token level is now 1,100,377. Now keep in mind I have had this account for about four years now and this is nothing compared to some of my family members/other members accounts!!!
  • FREE sample of Biofreeze I put "Please send sample" in the comment section.
  • FREE lemonade stand Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Oh, I know this will be We live on a busy highway...but, I told Lilly she could do this and we will place the stand where passersby can still see us. She has decided to raise money for items needed at our local animal shelter and humane society. She LOVES animals and so I think this will teach her to give with a joyful heart.
  • I will be at Walgreens for this one!!! Go to in or the site for Walgreens on 5/6 and you can receive a FREE 8x10 enlargement. Online you will need the code MOTHER for checkout.
  • Oh, I love love love Tropical smoothie!!! Barry says it's not "real" On 6/19 the first 500 people to come in wearing flip flops will get a FREE Jetty punch. Ah, that is my favorite smoothie there. It's bananas and strawberries!! You can go here for participating locations
  • FREE samples of Poise. Now keep in mind if you are going to be an upcoming mom or know someone who will be...these are great for postpartum. I was actually given Poise by our hospital to use. may have to copy and paste this with the equal sign to get it to work. This kept taking me back to the homepage..I will have to figure this one out and get back to you.

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