Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FREEBIES and other things...

Today I am sick. I have a cold coming on and has made me feel tired all day. My nose is very stopped up and driving me

Lilly's teacher had such wonderful news this afternoon. She brought Lilly out to the car herself to tell me that Lilly has participated and understood question time today!!! Normally, Lilly has a difficult time understanding questions being asked to her. So she may actually echo the question back Vs. giving an answer. So she doesn't always comprehend the question's part of her language delay. Well, the teacher said they had question time today on firefighters and where food comes from that arrives at our stores. Lilly actually answered questions and ASKED some questions!!! This is AWESOME!!! I just wanted to squeeze the daylights out of her:) I am so proud of her.

I know that she will be heartbroken this month...she will graduate on the 21st. They will hold a program where the children will sing a song and get a certificate for completing K3 and K4..the kindergartners will graduate and afterwards they have refreshments set up. The 22nd is family day at school and Barry has taken the day off:) We are bringing a picnic lunch, they are setting up an inflatable slide in the gym, and water slide for the kids outside. Should be a very fun day. I have been trying to prepare Lilly for the change that is coming. She doesn't do to well to change and I know the first couple of weeks out of school will be difficult for her as she adjusts. I really hope I have not posted this already...I am forgetful.

I thought maybe I would do homeschooling again during the summer. Something simple and casual..with lots of field trips and fun things. Lilly loves to learn and you can not keep her from school everyday..she is so afraid she will miss something:) At least she gets to start back in the middle or end of depends on when our local schools start. She goes to a private Christian school for PreK..but, they go by the city school schedule. She will still be going just three hours a day next year. Part of me wants to keep her home for next year..b/c of Emma-Kay coming in August. I would love to have that year free for them to bond together. But, I realize that it would not benefit Lilly if I hold her back. She is doing so well and in just a matter of two months..she has learned so many new words, putting sentences together, communicating so well, and even a big change in behavior. It's just amazing what the Lord does for you sometimes. He has it all mapped out. We just have to follow his will and be willing to do so.

This week and next week I am hoping to get all my coupon sites/blogs together for a great blog post. I have been saying for over a year now I would get into CVSing and doing I find Target has been thrown into the mix:) So much to learn. I have been out of the coupon game for a while now.

I also found a wonderful site on food storage and will pass along all that information. I have been researching this since last summer. I really want to start stocking up. The site I found not only helps you with this...but, also gives you recipes so you can use your food storage everyday. This prevents anything from spoiling and wasting some of your money.

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