Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunkist lemonade stand.

Lilly showing off her new stand.
She decided to do a trail run with water and got out her piggy bank for money. I was going to give her some change for her water and she informed me it was free:)

We decided to spice it up a little with her name.

This is how it looks put all together.

Well, it finally came today!! Lilly-Rose's lemonade stand came by fed ex around noon today. She was so excited to see what was inside the box. It was a little confusing to put together..but, with a little tape..we managed. She decided to sell the cups for .50 and give the proceeds to both the animal shelter/humane society.
We live on a busy I am unsure how we are exactly going to do this. I thought of putting two small signs out at the edge of our driveway and then the stand in the yard..for safety reasons. I am planning on having a small yard sale soon. So that would be a great place to sell fresh lemonade. She is so excited about being able to give to the animals here locally.
I have to say this is quite a cute stand and love how it gives you options to personalize it. It will need to be stored inside somewhere sense it is cardboard. I also recommend using some scotch tape when putting it together. The columns were a little hard to keep standing and to figure out how they went as well. The base and the sign that goes above was really easy to assemble. My Dad always believes if you can not fix it with tape or can not be So I used the knowledge he taught me as a child and passed it on to
If you missed the link on this it is:
Also, do not forget to get some cool print outs, safety tips, and recipes for your stand on this site!!!

Many blessings on raising money for your favorite charity. I am telling you from experience today...little ones will fall in love with this stand, something great to do as a family, and it teaches them about the joy of giving/managing money.

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