Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday party tip and a cute little hair cut...

I wanted to say...check your newspaper very good. Sometimes you have to be a good detective to get the great coupons:) Lilly actually asked this year to have her birthday party at a local kid's pizza place. After checking the prices we decided that we would have to do another party at home. All the packages were 129.00 and at the other place it would be near 170.00. So her heart was a little broken about it. But, she was still looking forward to her trip to the beach the this year(when given a choice between the two..she wanted to build

Well, last week I was looking through the paper during my weekly coupon clipping and In the sport's section, of all places, was a coupon for a 65.00 package. That's was half off!!! The only stipulation was it had to be during the week Vs. the weekend.

So this is what you get for 65.00:

  • Room for 1 1/2 hrs (above is the picture of the room.)

  • Balloon bouquet.
  • Plates, napkins, crowns, silverware, cups, and decorations.
  • 50 tokens, build a bear, and crazy cup with straw for Doots.
  • 20 tokens per guest.
  • Each guest gets choice of pizza or hot dog, ice cream, drink, and chips.
  • It's for ten guests.
  • Invitations to pass out.

So we had to be selective with only ten guests. We just decided on immediate family(grandparents, nieces, great grandmother, and siblings) and still came out to 12 guests counting us(I found that each additional guest will be around 12.00...though a couple of guests may not attend due to health reasons.) I declined letting them do her cake. It was just too expensive in my I will be making her a cake I seen on's the dinosaur cake.) I gave her a choice of dinosaur or princess...she has always loved dinosaurs. When we told her about the party she has been so excited. What a way to turn the big FOUR! This will be her first big birthday party. Actually it will be also a celebration of all the things she has accomplished this year. The fact that she could ask us if she could have this kind of amazing compared to last year.

Oh, also every week this same place has a coupon for their giant slide. The coupon is for a free ride. Normally it is 5.00 to ride...according to the fine print you can use the coupon for up to 10 people!!! So I may be able to squeeze in a free ride on the slide for everyone.

Also, we got Lilly her graduation outfit this weekend. She will be the letter B for graduation and needs to wear blue to represent the letter. So her Daddy actually picked her out a cute shirt. Then we took her to get her hair cut. Since she decided to chop all her hair off last year with her on hair cut...I have been afraid to cut her bangs. But, it came out really cute and the hairstyle fits her perfectly. They cut her bangs right above her eyebrows and I had them trim the back to make it even...which a little more than I expected was cut off. I think it looks very pretty and will be very easy now to brush/put bows in. Poor Lilly inherited my tangles! So it's her first all over hair cut:) She is also wearing her shirt that her Daddy helped her pick out.

I will try to post freebies tonight or in the morning while Lilly is at school. I do have a few chores that have to be done while she is mopping:) Otherwise, I have cute little footprints all over the house.

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