Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I was recently asked to do a review of the site As you know I always like to give my honest opinion on things and so here it goes.

I was able to fully browse the website today. Here is a little info on what OLX is all about:

  • It's one of the largest FREE classified sites around.
  • I really like that you can search within a certain distance from your own zip code.
  • You can post for FREE!!!!
  • Unlike other can also post pictures and videos with your ads.
  • You can display your listings on your own pages from Facebook or Myspace.
  • I seen that you can access from your mobile phone. I don't have this option on my I have not tried this feature.
  • You can view the ads in a whole host of different languages.
  • This site was featured on fox business...I love fox news channel in general:)
  • The categories of the site are so broad: Jobs, real estate, classes, cars, personals (Barry and I actually met off a personal ad I placed online. We have now been married for eight years come this August), community (which has carpools, activities, lost and found, and events), and services.
  • I also liked that the pictures were beside the ads on the search list. That to me makes it really easy to browse and click on something I am really interested in. I know sometimes the picture may only be inside the you can spend a lot of time trying to download a page that may not even interest you.

The only dislike I had...was that there were not too many ads for my local area. This maybe because the site is still unknown by some. So I can not wait until it catches on in my area. I think it could be a great asset for our community. Even some of our local news sites online now are charging for ads that you place...especially if you want to include a picture. This makes it difficult and not worth the effort if the item you are trying to sell is modestly priced or if you want to place a "wanted" type ad. You may spend money on the ad and not sell the product or find what you are looking for. So that is not very frugal on the budget. So I recommend you guys going and checking out the site.

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