Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wonderful Monday surprise, Lilly's knock knock jokes, thrift store finds for Tuesday....

Look what Barry got me yesterday afternoon!!! He is working twelve hour days this week due to his supervisor being in North Carolina for advanced training and he brings ME flowers:) Since it was severe weather yesterday(it hit yesterday morning and was so bad Lilly had to miss school. There was no way to even get to the car in the driveway!! There was even a tornado that touched down near my parents. My Dad said he thought their trailer was going to flip over!)...he said he would go by the grocery store to pick up some items that we needed. While there he decided to pick me up some beautiful flowers:) I was so surprised and love them!!! He does this every so often...he will just pick them up "Just because." So I got a wonderful surprise!! I am so blessed to have my family. The Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful husband and two beautiful little girls(I have seen Emma-Kay's profile..lol.) I put the flowers in the living room on the fireplace so I could see them all day and remind myself of all the blessings the Lord has placed in my life.

So yesterday afternoon Lilly started to come up with these Knock Knock jokes. I guess she got them at school or the idea of them. So they kind of went like this:
Lilly: Knock Knock
Me: Who's there?
Lilly: Apple
Me: Apple who?
Lilly: Apple eating

Lilly: Knock Knock
Me: Who's there?
Lilly: Apple
Me: Apple who?
Lilly: Apple grapes

So then I tell her I have one and it is sure to win over her friends at school. Also keep in mind after all her jokes she goes into hysterical laughter.
Me: Knock knock
Lilly: Who's there?
Me: Boo
Lilly: Boo who?
Me: Why are you crying?
Silence...a look of confusion on Lilly's face..lol..then...
Lilly: Who's boo Mama?
Lilly: Why boo crying?
Lilly: Boo sad Mama?
Me: No baby..Boo...Boo-Hoo it sounds like you are crying.
Lilly: Lilly not sad..Lilly happy Mama.
Lilly: No cry Mama...no cry.
I got the hundred question game on my knock knock joke..lol...that one was a classic when I was little. I thought for sure she would love it. So she had to go tell Daddy one and she has to tell him her new joke right then..it can not wait.
Lilly: Knock Knock
Daddy: Who's there?
Lilly: Apple
Daddy: Apple who?
Lilly: Apple crying...followed by hysterical laughter.
I stand in the door and mouthed "LAUGH" to Barry:) So he does and finally her knock knock fix is complete:)

Today I decided to stop by the thrift store. I am running low on clothes since Emma-Kay is growing more and more:) Barry budgeted 15.00 for me to take this week and see if I could find mainly shirts..also jumpers. This is what I found for 15.00:

I thought this was a cute capri outfit...2.50 from children's head quarters. Even came with a belt.
I got Doots some school clothes. Since she gets to play on the playground I do give her a choice if she wants to wear dresses or shorts..since we modest dress. Most days she picks dresses and sometimes she likes her shorts. OshKosh overalls 1.50, new balance shirt .75(it was 1/2 today), and Gymboree shirt 1.50(it was also half off today.)My favorite find and yes it was the biggest splurge in a long time on myself...this beautiful embroidered dress for 5.00. I just have to find me a shirt now to go under it. It has little rose buds all over it too. I love this jumper!!!! Mickey is always into my thrift store finds...as you can tell from my last rummage sale post:) He's a camera hog..lol.

I did splurge on myself today. I am having a hard time finding clothes that fit. So here are two shirts I got at 2.00 each..to me that is kind of high.

Surprises for Doots when I pick her up from school. Crayons .25, butterfly plate/juice box .20 total, lip glass .10, and writer/erase board .50. I left these lined up like this for when she got home..she was so surprised and excited!!
I really think I am caught up on clothes now and I should not need to buy anymore during my pregnancy. Lilly will be out for Pre-K for roughly about three months after May. I have plenty of time to get her a couple of more outfits before she starts back and in case she grows:) She is also notorious for stains. This week is another one of those "seeing her change" kind of weeks. I have seen her blossom so much. She goes to school with a smile and comes home with one. I still find the house very empty and quiet without her here three hours everyday. It is breaking my heart to put up our home school things. I do have hopes that maybe we can use them for kindergarten. I know the Lord is leading us on the right path of where she should be. I can not even tell or describe to you the changes that I have seen take place in her. I have a feeling that the Lord has big plans for her and this is just one of many hurdles we all have in life to get over. I know things are going to take time. I feel like the school she is in has had a positive impact. I think she feels less alone in what she is going through. Imagine being almost four years old and only being able to verbalize on the level of a two year old..but, have the mind concepts of a five year old..that's what was discovered during all the Autism testing. So I imagine things get frustrating for her and at the same time..she has never let that slow her down. At her school there are some children in her class that speak only Spanish. So the teacher is trying to teach them English and in return she teaches all the English speaking children Spanish. I think it is awesome idea..I actually taught Lilly a little Spanish before being Pre-K so she was right with the class when she started. Well, I think Lilly can relate on so many levels to those children who can not communicate due to a language barrier. The first day she gravitated to them, it seemed like, than the other children. Now she comes home and proclaims "haves ten friends Mama!!!" All she has to do is just put a few words together to describe her day and it just makes me so happy. Like today she told me "I like a square time Mama!!" If I remember that is story time in their classroom.
I also decided today that I may give Avon another go. I sold it a little over a year ago and really felt it was not for me. I actually went in the whole for about 2 to 5.00 on my last order. With everything going on...my Dad got really sick during this time and was on life support...I let it go. I mostly sold to those at the hospital Dh works at, family, and a very nice lady I met online that was an invalid. I realize now I could have really branched out and I really do not feel I put a lot of effort into it. So I have been praying and researching it. I still have not talked to a local rep yet. I am not sure if I will have to pay the 10.00 start up fee or not. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can branch out..please feel free to comment. I could really use the advice.
Well, Lilly-Rose has asked for homemade blueberry muffins for snack time tomorrow. I am still working off the fresh blueberries Barry bought me as a present last year. So after I put those on..I will post a freebie post.

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