Friday, April 17, 2009

What to do with those after Easter sales...

These would make for a great birthday party game!!! These are normally around $4.88. Total price after sale...$1.20.
These are for my nieces or these would make great "birthday baskets." Just take the items out and remove the Easter theme packaging. Replace with more candy and a birthday balloon. Price was $ 4.98 and after sale they were $1.25.

This is Emma-Kay's basket for next year. I figured this was more age appropriate for here then...I will take out the candy and fill with Gerber treats. Price was $9.99 and after sale the price was...$2.49.

This is Lilly-Rose's basket for next year. Price was $9.96 and after sale it was also $2.49!

This one was 19.95 and I got it for Lilly as a present paid $4.99!!!! It is a cooking basket and I set it up next to her car seat...when she got out of Pre-K she was screaming "For me? That for Lilly? Lilly's basket!!!!"

If you are like me you love a bargain!!! I love hitting any sale after the holidays and stocking up for the following year. Lots of times you can actually buy items and re-gift them through out the simply re-packaging them.

Today Easter baskets were 75% off at Walmart!!! I decided to buy a few for next year. Remember that some of the candy may actually be good the following year. Go down the candy aisle and look for expiration date on the bags..this will give you a good idea of the expiration date of the ones inside the basket. In some cases you can leave them intact and in others you can simply place the items in the basket..discard the expired candy and re-fill it with candy from the dollar tree.

You can also just take the items out of the basket and discard all Easter themed items. Which would basically be the packaging. Then put items back in the basket and tie a dollar tree balloon to the basket..instantly it is a birthday basket!! Have you seen the balloons at the dollar tree lately? These are no plain Jane balloons anymore. We got my dad a cupcake balloon..which I watched a 1.08 of my money float away in the Lilly didn't quite have a good grip on it and then we got him one that was a butterfly.

You can take these items and stock pile them in your closet. I like to keep an extra two or three of them on hand for unexpected birthdays. What about that after school surprise for your little one that just did something awesome or maybe needs cheering up? Lilly just had her first bully experience this week at school...she definitely needed some cheering up. So I plan on going back for three more of the 1.25 baskets. I think they are worth the investment and they had a few to pick from. I love the saying "Buy now and save later." It really is true and I do this all the time when we can afford to do so. I am also going to buy some more of the pre-filled eggs for 1.20. Wouldn't that be a GREAT birthday party game? The kids get to keep what they find? What about the Easter basket fillers. They usually come four or more to a pack. They have cards, pencils, bendy rabbits, lip gloss rings, bubbles, and so much more...they would make great party bag fillers. So at 1.00 per pack(they usually run this much here at our store) for 75% off ...we are talking what a quarter per package? Beat that at the dollar tree.

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